Pile of gold & silver bullion coins | Silver Coins

Pile of gold & silver bullion coins

A video wherein I sound very posh and make a mess. Showcasing this year’s acquisitions. Cast in order of appearence: ==SILVER== 120 x Austrian Philharmonic 6…
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25 Responses to Pile of gold & silver bullion coins

  1. mmafigui says:

    Very nice and impressive stack sir!

  2. silver john says:

    hi you still stacking or have sold your stack takecare

  3. albboy96 says:

    Just wonderin.. What type of job do you have to get the money and buy these coins

  4. komonstertruck says:

    Ohh crap that is the wrong video!! I hate apple youtube apps 🙁 sorry.

  5. komonstertruck says:

    *And I

  6. komonstertruck says:

    That’s it?? That is not that much I would buy that much in a month ANSI am 12 lol.

  7. jordan10236 says:

    are you selling eny?

  8. TheUKFireFox says:

    Wow cool coins you have got more than me 🙁

  9. Brandon Holsey says:

    Jeez that is a lot of investing.

  10. NUDNICK111 says:

    Nice man, best 12 month stack i’ve seen! are you still stacking?

  11. bminster23 says:

    How much is a bottle of silver american eagles?

  12. raddatzster says:

    Still holding?

  13. MennicaWroclawskaPL says:

    Nice collection.

  14. firenfry says:

    Wow you must sell crack or something lol nice collection impressive for one year

  15. Peasantof Mercia says:

    recommend the best websites to buy from atm?

  16. levelninetroll says:

    dosn’t matter where you put it now, 16483 people know you have it

  17. jadcott says:

    What kind of moron would stash all this under a mattress? I put it on display next to my front window!

  18. levelninetroll says:

    cop: so do you have any enemies, anyone that has a motive, anybody that knows you stash thousands of dollars in bullion under your mattress?


  19. meanbling says:

    oh man. youve got a chunk load of coins. how about giving me one?? haha

  20. TheFunkadelicFan says:

    My precious!

  21. masterpatric07 says:

    should i cash my IRA and invest it all in precious metals?There is no point in holding that money in the IRA cause dollar will collapse and I will lose all my years worked.
    i rather cash it and i will make more than all the taxes and penalized money the feds take from me?

  22. masterpatric07 says:

    gold silver ratio means nothing,remember historic ratios are not a parameter anymore.in past times there was not a comparable consumption of silver as we have today.that is why silver ratio with gold will be 1:1 in the coming years

  23. honey badger says:


  24. Cheema0113 says:

    U must have alot of money to buy all those coins in 1 year.

  25. SilverGoldCollection says:

    Nice Collection mate, check mine out…
    Keep Stacking!

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