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Gold just broke $1300. Act now!

gold price spike


As Gold breaks $1300 and trends upward, make sure to lock a price in on your gold!

Gold is the highest it has been in nearly two years! The current price has broken $1300 and is continuing to rise. With gold spiking like this, it could be your time to stock up on gold. Whether you are planning to buy gold through coins or bars, make sure to secure the metals you need to prepare for whatever twist the market might take.

Here’s the latest market headlines this week from investment and numismatic professionals:

Gold Price Tops $1300

BullionVault: Gold Price Breaks Multi-Year Highs

How gold can top $1300 for good!

FOMC Drives Gold Price Upward

While the market is always uncertain, having a solid weight of gold in your safe can make you feel a bit more secure. Don’t be left behind as gold rises!

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