Brexit decision made. Metals surge in response. | Silver Coins

Brexit decision made. Metals surge in response.

Brexit pushes gold

Brexit pushes gold past $1300

For the second time in 2 weeks, gold breaks $1300 as UK votes to leave the European Union!

For the second time in just over a week, the spot price of gold has broken $1,300. This time, however, it has spiked even higher! Check out some of the latest market headlines this week from investment and numismatic professionals:

Gold prices have soared after Britain’s decision to leave the European Union yesterday. Dubbed a “Brexit” – a play on words of the terms “Britain” and “exit” – this momentous shift is followed by a surge in metals prices.

With the market this active, it could be your time to stock up on gold. Make sure to secure the metals you need, in order to prepare for whatever twist the market might take. While the market is always uncertain, having a solid position in gold can make you feel a bit more secure.

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