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Silver tribute marks 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme

These days marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. The very first day of fighting on one July 1916 was the most pricey in the background of the British army. By mid-November, when the bloody Very first World War battle had run its program, a lot more than one million men from the two sides had been killed or wounded.

The Battle of the Somme refers to a series of battles that took place amongst one July and 18 November 1916, for the duration of the Very first Planet War, in which much more than one million men from each sides of No Man’s Land have been wounded or killed. Throughout the battles, the British and French armies fought against German troops alongside in the Somme area of northern France in an work to break the deadlock of trench warfare and restore the fighting to fluid, mobile warfare.


The gun crew of an Australian Howitzer Battery, in an emplacement behind a steep bank near Lavieville in the Somme spot. Picture courtesy Australian War Memorial.

The very first day of fighting on one July was the most costly day in the background of the British army with virtually 60,000 casualties, a third of whom were killed. Regardless of enormous losses, the offensive continued on for yet another 4 and a half months. Australian troops consisting of males who had fought at Gallipoli, as properly as new volunteers from property, arriving on the Somme to take portion in the fighting from late July.


King George V, holding telescope, observing the fighting at Pozières from captured ground. The Prince of Wales is behind the King speaking to two officers. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

Australia&#8217s contribution

The Australian contribution to the Somme was the capture and defence of the fighting about Pozières and Mouquet Farm between 23 July and three September. Like their British allies, the Australians also suffered wonderful losses with 24,000 casualties, such as six,741 who have been killed. Such heavy losses on an all-volunteer army put strain on the recruiting system and resulted in a referendum for the government to consider and introduce conscription. Narrowly defeated at the polls in October 1916, the problem polarized the Australian nation along political, sectarian and class lines. A similar strain was felt in Britain, which was forced to rely on conscription following the bloody battles of 1916.


Troops of the 24th Battalion gathered at a memorial erected in memory of members killed at Pozières and Mouquet Farm. Image courtesy Australian War memorial.

The Battle of the Somme resulted in 430,000 British and Dominion causalities, plus 200,000 French troops. Hefty losses were also felt by the German army with 650,000 casualties resulting in a exhausted and dispirited force that would by no means entirely recover.

The ANZAC Spirit a hundredth Anniversary Coin Series
Be Worthy Of Them &#8211 2016 1oz Silver Evidence Coin

This important addition to The ANZAC Spirit 100th Anniversary Coin Series depicts a group of soldiers as they charge out of the trenches along the Somme Valley in France and the inscription ‘Be Worthy of Them&#8217.


The Perth Mint will release no far more than seven,500 of these coins, every accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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