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Tribute embodies spirit of half sovereign rarities

Half sovereigns were created by all 3 colonial branches of the Royal Mint opened in Australia for the duration of the 19th century. The quite first problem, dated 1855, and the extremely last problem, dated 1918, represent two of the most useful and sought-after gold coins in the history of Australian-created coinage.

In its inaugural year, the Sydney Mint struck just 21,000 half sovereigns. Every coin bore the distinctive ‘colonial’ reverse featuring St Edward’s crown, a laurel wreath and the word AUSTRALIA.

But number of of these 1855 Sydney-created coins have survived in good condition, which fuels huge interest on the rare events one particular comes to market.

By the time half sovereigns have been struck in Perth, the Australian branch mints had permission to strike Imperial versions identical to individuals manufactured in London &#8211 with the addition of distinguishing mintmarks.

The ultimate half sovereign yr-date is the topic of considerably investigation. Information recommend The Perth Mint did not strike half sovereigns in the course of 1918, but employed dies of that year to strike 113,572 coins in 1919 and a even more 106,416 in 1920.

Provided ten shilling notes had recently replaced half sovereigns, it&#8217s very likely they have been struck for export where the bulk was melted down. Evidence of surviving 1918 dates did not come to light until the 1970s and today it is estimated that amongst 200 and 300 pieces may possibly have escaped destruction.

Australia Half Sovereign 2016 Gold Evidence Coin

This present day 22-carat gold tribute embodies the spirit of Australia’s 1855 &#8216S&#8217 and 1918 &#8216P&#8217 half sovereigns. Struck by The Perth Mint in beautiful proof top quality to standard specs, its reverse combines essential historical design components very first seen on Sydney coins of 1855 with a &#8216P&#8217 mintmark.

In trying to keep with the excessive rarity of its historic antecedents, no much more than 1,500 of these coins will be launched, every single in a lovely timber situation befitting its significance as a reflection of Australia’s long association with half sovereign production.



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