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Cool cubs custom-made for cold

Birthed in the hills of Central Asia, Snow Leopards have actually been observed living as high as 5,500 metres. A different types to the Asian/African Leopard, they are superbly adjusted for their ice-cold environment.

Blind as well as powerless at birth, life starts for the Snow Leopard cub in a rough den, very carefully lined with fur by its mother. Secured and also supported with the early component of its life, the young feline is geared up to look after itself before spinning two.

For important protection versus the rough components, the Snow Leopard depends on its lengthy hair which has a dense undercoat that enlarges also a lot more during the fall and wintertime. White with an unique pattern of dark rosettes and areas, the hair additionally supplies ideal camouflage as the pet stalks its victimize the icy mountainside.


The Snow Leopard’s brief, stocky body as well as tiny, spherical ears are both practical in lessening heat-loss. Paradoxically, it has 2 ‘over-sized’ functions that are just as helpful. Like a pair of snowshoes, its extra-large paws help prevent the cat from sinking into soft snow. And also a massive tail, every bit as long as its body, imitates a woolly scarf in which to crinkle up in the evening! The Cubs Silver Proof Coin Collection Following the delightful Tiger as well as Jaguar releases, the 3rd coin from The Cubs 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin Collection showcases a magnificent representation of young Snow Leopards. Like other coins in the program, including the honest White Lion and Lynx releases, no greater than 5,000 of these coins will certainly be released in detailed presentation packaging.


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