Metal Detecting Finds 455 Year Old Silver Coin found in the USA #70 Hammered | Silver Coins

Metal Detecting Finds 455 Year Old Silver Coin found in the USA #70 Hammered

Metal Detecting Finds 455 Year Old Silver Coin found in the USA #70 Hammered

Something I thought I would never see in U.S. soil. We had a crazy day digging Colonial coins and Relics. A day we’ll never forget.

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49 Responses to Metal Detecting Finds 455 Year Old Silver Coin found in the USA #70 Hammered

  1. Axxwound says:

    Speechless about that hammered, congrats Bob. That button looks like they put the shank on the wrong side lol

  2. Bob Cumbers says:

    Great videos guys. Watching your vids gave me the fever.

  3. derek beals says:

    Nuts!!!! Congrats!

  4. david S says:

    Where you were hunting??

  5. david S says:

    You have got to be shitting me… A QE hammered… Bob you are officially my hero

  6. Metal Jackalope says:

    Shoot, that truly is a amazing find.  Can’t believe..  Thanks for sharing

  7. NPAR _Steve says:

    Hey Kurt this is N.P.A.R. Steve, I was wondering if you would check out my site and give us a few pointers. We are a bit smaller in scale but we have a great Mission. I watch your shows while on down time on Duty. You guys have a high energy positive Crew. This Country needs this positivity. Keep plugging on! lol. If you have the time let me know thanks man. You have a great thing here. N.P.A.R. Steve

  8. The Caribbean Digger says:

    Hammered coin….so beautiful!

  9. david S says:

    Hover boys are now my favorite you tubers… Great job guys… Happy Hunting and God bless you all

  10. Jerry Dineen says:

    That place is just as good as Wal Mart. Congrats on the coppers and to Bob on the hammered. Awesome finds Kurt.

  11. Robert Jones says:

    Wow… just wow.

  12. Oldgittom says:

    An Elizabethan coin – congrats on a stupendous find. Only metal detectors could have found & saved this piece of history.

  13. haYstaKz says:

    Hammered in the US….man..Ive found a a couple overseas but would never think to find one in the homeland.

  14. 1075twist says:

    "I’m thinkin 925 China. Ming Dynasty Baby" Funniest sh*t I ever heard. I freaking love Bob. haha

  15. Charles Travis says:

    I looked through my foreign coins in the box of acetate "flips" I’ve collected over the years, Kurt. I wish I could include a pic here. Looks like an amateur copy something like Bob’s coin without Lady.

  16. Hoosier Gardener says:

    Boy’s I love how you eat your lunch up against a trash truck. Good work keep it up.

  17. The Backwoods Boys says:

    Hey Kurt! Im Jacob, we talked a little about digging a while back. Well I was inspired to start my own channel. I wait every Wednesday for your videos. It would mean a lot to me if you took a look at some of my videos :). We should go digging together sometime because we are really close to each other. Just let me know, but please try to watch 1 or 2 of my videos and tell me how I’m doing. Thanks Kurt!



  19. Stephen O says:

    A friend sent me a 1575 Elizabeth I from England but to find one in the US…Incredible! Absolutely Amazing! Great Great find!

  20. Stacey Fischer says:

    wow guys AWESOME hammered what an excellent find Bloody amazing.:-) 🙂 You should checkout NQ Explorers they have just found a hammered in Outback Queensland

  21. Pothole Pete Floyd says:

    You guys have made some own history!

  22. doo xxx says:

    haha,ohh Bobby, how do you know how smooth Brads butt is? Love you guys!

  23. Digger Marc says:

    Still love this episode!!

  24. azmetaldetector says:

    All I can say is wow. I actually went on a MD trip to the UK and only found 1 hammered coin but it wasn’t that big. King Edward IV. Congrats Bob

  25. Royce Letime says:

    Wow cool finds . Enjoyed the video

  26. sean tyree says:

    that hammered left me speechless, great hunt i found a hammered right here in harford county maryland but mine i found was copper or bronze not silver like yours

  27. Honu Love says:

    Spectacular find!! I’m trying to watch all your videos….HB marathon this weekend! Keep on hunting boyz!!


    interesting point about the hammered, only the 3 pence and the six pence have dates on them, all the other denominations have no date…so if you get a dated one you know its either or, so it will help harrow the ID down a bit:-) super awesome find….

  29. The Empire of Dirt says:

    Man what a coin, What coil was Bob using? Great video, and congratulations!

  30. SouthGAJester says:

    Yall should call that place target since you can’t go to Walmart anymore lol

  31. Sp@rtacus says:

    salut superbe découverte merci du partage a bientot.

  32. stdpozer says:

    button Bob hits the jackpot

  33. Detector de Metales Uruguay says:

    Hello! Greetings from Uruguay !!!
    First of all , congratulations on your channel and findings , we are fans .
    we invite everyone to visit our channel, incredible findings.
    A hug colleagues .

  34. Digging the Mitten says:

    Congratulations to Bob! That is a once in a lifetime find. Keep the awesome videos coming guys!

  35. George Delaney says:

    the find of a lifetime.

  36. El Кладоискатель says:

    like!good luck!

  37. Jayson Agnelli says:

    That was awesome!

  38. david S says:

    Sorry…. "hoover"

  39. david S says:

    Bob … You found humpty….

  40. Joseph Jennings says:

    have a question why do alot of the reals have holes in them?

  41. syd ascott says:

    I read somewhere that they would use coins as washers for roofing ,as the coins where cheaper then washers ,so everytime i see a coin with a hole around about the center i think it must have been use for a washer

  42. Tennessee Gem says:

    Very nice hammered. Good hunt and video. I love your videos. You guys must dig so much trash you have your own trash truck. Take care and HH.

  43. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Great Hunt guys. Biggest Congrats on BOB for that Hammy! I am amazed that was there and who held that back than. You have to research that place and see if there was a tavern there or brothel? You all deserve all the good stuff you find to dig all that trash, Its amazing how many holes you have to dig to get the good stuff. People that don’t detect will think its easy until they try. Last, why is it Bob always thinks buttons could be coins the sound is totally different most times, check first before he make you walk across the field so much lol. HH guys.

  44. david S says:

    What’s with the trash trucks???

  45. SouthGAJester says:

    Awesome GMI button that’s my neck of the woods!!! It took a long trip up there lol!!! Congrats Redneck-Bob on the hammered coin!!! I would love to see what happened to make that coin drop to the ground!!!

  46. rodney carroll says:

    Even if you guys do a video where nothing is found, no one, and I mean no one will ever top your intro video!!

  47. Cassidy Reese says:

    you should put links to the youtube channels and websites that you shout out in the description of the video so it is easier for people to find.

  48. monkeysmasterpiece says:

    That’s a great find for US soil. There have been many, many hammered coins found in the US though.

  49. Robert Jones says:

    Classic lines original footage ALERT: "It’s smooth, like Brad’s butt!" "Dude, it’s got to be a Reale!" Yes! Eyewitness to history. 1561 sixpence… Bob is the man! A year ago yesterday.

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