Metal detecting the river: Big silver coin & my top favorite find! MX Sport | Silver Coins

Metal detecting the river: Big silver coin & my top favorite find! MX Sport

Metal detecting the river: Big silver coin & my top favorite find! MX Sport

Digbits #102: We went metal detecting along the river’s edge with the waterproof MX Sport & found a big silver coin that’s 125 years old along with other coins and relics! I love digging history! Thank you for coming metal detecting with us!! ~ The Silverslingers
Metal detectors used: White’s MX Sport. TRX Bullseye. GoPro Hero 5. Iphone 7+. Diggers: Dominique & Mark.
Music by: David Cutter Music –

Facebook: Dominique Ivy da Silva
Instagram: @ silverslingers
Twitter: @ Silverslingers
Grab a metal detector & make your own adventures! I would love seeing your treasures 🙂

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47 Responses to Metal detecting the river: Big silver coin & my top favorite find! MX Sport

  1. Alien Lee says:

    where do you hunt these treasures

  2. david fox says:

    I love her enthusiasm for everything. makes it more fun!!

  3. MattVlogs says:

    I agree. Please make your videos longer 🙂 great content as always

  4. says:

    Nice star Button and silver Barber, congratulations
    Happy Treasure Hunting

  5. Tom P says:

    Great fun, great treasures and great music!!! Doesn’t get any better than that!!

  6. Tim Harlow says:

    could you tell us in your videos what detectors your using and coil size?

  7. Hooked on History says:

    Very nice two center, bell and star button. Beautiful 1892 barber! We still haven’t found a complete bell after 6 years. What’s up with that!?

  8. Jerry Harris says:

    Great video,love the way you explain the research involved in finding your spots. nice camo pants,tiger is very lucky guy!

  9. Lorne Hodgins says:

    it was a good episode pussy cat next week

  10. malyman24 says:

    OMG !! I had to tell you guys, I just dug up a 1917 Walking Liberty in Beautiful shape. Just posted on my channel if you wanted to check it out.

  11. WaywardSon 1891 says:

    omg omg omg omg please please please take me to the button dump! ? omg omg omg I could die happy I’d lay down make snow angels in the buttons scream EEEEEEEEE omg omg I WANT TO GO TO THERE beg beg beg beg beg beg …… please omg

  12. Bell-Two says:

    Tiger said to watch out for the Bees and you did….Bell and Button! lol!

  13. Michael p says:

    Awesome video!!

  14. m1anm says:

    Metal detectings favorite couple.
    Cool bell & cions. Have you found a cow bell yet?

  15. aj davis says:

    Ohhh another bell for the bell lady lol

  16. ACEinOZ says:

    You’re a bell magnet!!

  17. Lee McGinnis says:

    Nice finds! The ground was really kind to them. That 2 cent piece cleaned up really well. Did you jump into the river? Burrrr!!!! That would be cold! GL and HH!

  18. Joe Rinaldis says:

    You guys find the best stuff!

  19. R Lindsey says:

    Great looking finds. Of course you found another bell. 🙂

  20. TheHistoryHunter says:

    Awesome recoveries! Congrats! HH

  21. Alaska, Hammer & Yukon Variety Channel says:

    Research, research, it all pays off. Very NICE HUNT. How many bells do you have now?

  22. rabidfish02 says:

    Nice Finds!!!!!

  23. marnix beirnaert says:

    great video again with some nice finds and a awesome bell.GL&HH

  24. WaywardSon 1891 says:

    I have a really good question for you if you got the time

  25. Ben Barnes says:

    I really liked the bell and that button with the star in the center. Was that button made of pewter? If it was that would make it really old. That soil really preserved the metal in the ground nicely. Definitely a spot worth really hunting good. GL & HH!

  26. Charlie Brown says:

    You guys have the most entertaining metal detecting videos on youtube. Keep up the good work!

  27. Gavin Peterson says:

    Fun video as always, Dominique! HH

  28. Detectaholic says:

    Nice button! 1700s button for sure….. GG HH

  29. Midwest Relic Recovery says:

    awesome finds guys

  30. Frankie Schaeffer says:

    Great Job! You guys are terrific together!!!

  31. StefanrDetecting says:

    Haha she is very passionate about it all. Nice!

  32. Scott Clyde says:

    Awesome bell, cool coins

  33. Wayne Jackson says:

    whats not to love bells, big silver , and beautiful scenery gl and hh

  34. Cornbreadjack says:

    Thank you so much for the video–finding secluded places with Google maps and Google Earth maps is a great idea–I really like your trash or treasure finish–I’m afraid we usually start with trash and end with trash most of the time,but it is so much mystery in the find

  35. milesnn says:

    Fantastic adventure and finally a bell awesome sweet coins. So looking forward to your next one

  36. Clarence Freeman says:

    Awesome guys!

  37. Maurilio Zamora says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful finds, that bell came out looking nice clean ! Happy hunting!

  38. Gilbert Cantrell says:

    you are Queen of the bells!

  39. Adrian Van Vorhees says:

    Love your videos but I’m left wondering about that ox knob–is it "trash" or "treasure"?

  40. New York Metal Detecting says:

    I like your choice of music in this video. Awesome finds.

  41. SingBass4Jesus says:

    At 5:20 in the video there is a fairly modern-looking grey shed; is the land still being used currently? Also, some of the stubble (or tree saplings) in the ground looks like they’ve been chopped off by a machine. Just my astute observations. 😉

  42. Quinn Swingler says:

    Sweet silver!!!!! QQ

  43. Rocky Mountain Relics AT PRO says:

    Good hunt guys.Love the bell and a great Barber quarter. GL&HH

  44. Sith Lord1978 says:

    Great finds you two! I didn’t know you guys detected in New England what part?

  45. barb connell with Dirt Pirates Detecting says:

    love the bell and barber, great finds

  46. Michael Ballard says:

    Way to go, those bells and you are just drawn to each other

  47. worshawc says:

    Great video once again! Still waiting for the river jump though… Did you do it???

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