Endless Treasure – Metal Detecting 1820’s site part 2 – Native American silver & handfuls of coins | Silver Coins

Endless Treasure – Metal Detecting 1820’s site part 2 – Native American silver & handfuls of coins

Endless Treasure – Metal Detecting 1820’s site part 2 – Native American silver & handfuls of coins

The metal detecting continues as I return for day 2 at my new 1823 permission. Last week at this spot I dug 47 wheat cents, 11 indian cents, and a handful of silver. I picked up right where I left off and there was silver under my coil on the very first dig. Amazing pieces still keep surfacing on this incredible property.

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49 Responses to Endless Treasure – Metal Detecting 1820’s site part 2 – Native American silver & handfuls of coins

  1. Bill 008 says:

    Its navajo got the photo on my phone

  2. Basia Today says:

    Awesome hunt Jason, that property is a goldmine for you! The bracelet a true treasure, congrats on all your finds! Happy Hunting

  3. Tennessee Gem says:

    Great video Jason and some really nice finds. I can’t wait to see what else comes up in that yard. Looking forward to your next videos of the other yards you hit. Take care and HH. Jim

  4. Canadian Relic Hunters says:

    Amazing hunt Jason, awesome finds,,love the bracelet. ATB Michael

  5. Vishia says:

    I’m loving watching you dig this property. You’re finding some great things ! 🙂

  6. TheSilversniffer says:

    You would think that the property has wheat growing on it?? LOL …. Some nice silver coins and jewelry … and the little hook gizmo is cool. Take care and GL&HH

  7. Donna Koontz says:

    Thanks so much! Awesome finds – especially the bracelet.. Looking forward to your next visit. ❤️

  8. pawoodsrelic says:

    That bracelet is killer!! Got to go back there if for anything, to break JD’s wheat penny record..Great job QH.!!

  9. Bill 008 says:

    I am ready got my mintage list out

  10. Frank 77 says:

    Jason, another great hunt, Location, Location, Location, that’s the key, you found a nice virgin site, hunt it to death, looking forward to your next video from that site, GL

  11. Bill 008 says:

    1889 dime 7,380,000

  12. Daniel Burgess says:

    Tourist trinket.

  13. Tell gio says:

    This is an awesome site. All that history that has been sitting just a few inches under people’s feet. Along comes Jason to rescue and preserve it. I think that dome looking thing in the junk is the top of a push bike bell. The heavy bit of iron was probably a weight from a set of scales. Fantastic dig. Thank you for taking us along. Cheers

  14. SouthGAJester says:

    Awesome video man!!! Love the location, seems like an amazing place!!! Keep it up!!!

  15. bucki58 says:

    QH you are simply killing it on this amazing property! Some of the more exciting treasure hunting episodes I’ve seen recently.

  16. Francis Mcvie says:

    Do you get to keep what you find in people’s gardens?

  17. stanleynich says:

    Silver Arrow is out of Colorado the make jewelry like this still today

  18. Sean Gleason says:

    Don’t know if anyone don’t know if anyone confirm the spoon, yes it’s a bonbon nut Serving Spoon. Nice find.
    The button looks like a top fancy button to a woman’s sweater or shawl. The part were the stones are would be the top part of the button.

  19. diggin kc says:

    That was a great hunt jason and what an amazing property. Super big congrats on that beautiful seated dime, thats #1 on my bucket list. Till next time, HH my friend. Jim.

  20. Deb mitchell says:

    Watching your videos makes me happy, thank you! Not much for metal detecting here, as it barely rains the ground is so hard and rocky. I get my fix watching you!

  21. Wayne Coke says:

    You are gonna have to change to Penny Hoarder GL&HH

  22. Win351SL says:

    The Hook thing is used on a small wood rail in the house they used to hang pictures from those hooks, attached to the wood rail. that way no holes in the wall/plaster, I have a 1926 house, it was full of these on the rails of my house. Nice finds!

  23. Digging Canuck says:

    That bracelet is amazing.


    Wow what a great permission you have there.Amazing Jason…That spoon is incredible. The Indian bracelet is my favorite also. A little info on it for ya…The turquoise can be identified to the exact mine they came from. It can also give you a better age on the item because, from when a mine is open to the final day the last turquoise is extracted, they are recorded. So…The color and mineral composition tells the story of the stone..the silver bracelet won’t be far behind in age. The stone can be the most valuable part also because some mines had the best stones but they didn’t produce a lot of them and where the perfect color mix ever found. SRY for the long speech but I needed to share that with you.Awesome finds & Ty for sharing them. Paul.

  25. Bill 008 says:

    I got 5grams of sterling out of the dumpster

  26. Uncle Bill says:

    Nice hunt

  27. Daniels channel says:

    Hey cool I actually dug one of these native American childs bracelet I dated mine in the 30 or 40s neat!

  28. Joe Brown says:

    Awesome permission & some great finds happy for you. I don’t have the nerve to ask for permissions looks like I may have to start.

  29. Larry Ciarrocchi says:

    Early "dieter’s" spoon.

  30. Metal Detecting NWGA says:

    Wow! You hit the jackpot with that location! Seated, injuns, capped bust, sterling corn, bracelets and more wheats than I’ve ever dug at a single location. I think my record was 66. Enjoyed the vid as always and can’t wait to see what you find next! HH Dewayne

  31. cache mole says:

    Congrats on all the great finds Jason. What a fantastic permission! You deserve it brother…

  32. William Reeder says:

    Great video…thanks for sharing

  33. TheMaDFLasher says:

    I found that exact brass hook in a yard up here in Maine at an 1890 house. No idea what it is still, but its literally the exact same thing! If you find out what it is, remember me! <3

  34. Daniel Burgess says:

    Absinthe spoon?

  35. Kathy Blake says:

    Does the little spoon say chiclets? that would fit with the candy store. good digging

  36. DutchDrone says:

    Top row thing at 16:59 is the bell part from a bicycle bell. Nice vlog and nice finds, thanks for sharing HQ!

  37. Mike Belli says:

    Very cool spoon and bracelet that is a very productive yard. Thanks for sharing

  38. Metal Detecting with Lugnut says:

    Agree, "How can you not like this hobby?" Fantastic permission!

  39. Kristy N Chuck Henderson says:

    That hook is a lacing hook probably post civil war.

  40. terrance nissen says:

    Love the videos!

    What coil are you running in this video?

  41. Mike Williamson says:

    Great hunt man. Congrats

  42. Stxdigger says:

    Dude! I would love to have half the luck you have. Those places are awesome that your getting permission at! Keep up all the awesome finds and videos you’re keeping me sane lol

  43. Big E. says:

    Is that one thing the bell from a telephone? That entire neighborhood is truly the gift that keeps giving.

  44. Chris Heimsoth says:

    WhoooooHOOOOO!!!! Man I’ve been waiting for you to go back to this place. Congratulations! Great finds and great video again! Love that spoon and bracelet. Good job on the seated dime! Can’t wait for upcoming videos from this neighborhood. Best wishes

  45. Larry Ciarrocchi says:

    Maybe early egg white separator spoon.

  46. Terry Stover says:

    The small spoon with holes in the bowl sure looks more like it says CHICLETS. ??? Do you remember chiclets chewing gum?

  47. Hoard Searcher says:

    Good finds mate

  48. 925inder says:

    This truly is a great hobby Jason. To use your expression, I just got 46thed out of a war nickel. This may be Navajo silver cuff bracelet – awesome find. Love the decorative hook thingy. The holes on the spoon may indicate it was meant for straining of sorts. Go hit that abandoned house as well wanna see you reach 100 wheats. Overall superb hunt. Congrats and HH. Sebastian.

  49. Maurilio Zamora says:

    What a great hunt, you really found some cool stuff. My favorite is that beautiful bracelet and seated dime. Congratulations and happy hunting my friend.

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