Ryedale Sniper Copper Silver Coin Sorter | Silver Coins

Ryedale Sniper Copper Silver Coin Sorter

Ryedale Sniper Copper Silver Coin Sorter

http://TreasureFinderMD.com Ryedale Sniper Copper Silver Coin Sorter
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13 Responses to Ryedale Sniper Copper Silver Coin Sorter

  1. treasurefindermd says:

    I just tried, the bank told me about someone bring back some half’s but they where gone in 30 min!

  2. treasurefindermd says:

    @nookfreak Ebay or Craigslist. Just type in Ryedale Sniper, they are out of Michigan.

  3. Brock Mills says:

    where can i get one of these..

  4. Ryedale says:

    Outstanding 😉

  5. vorkev1 says:

    you would be a hole lot richer if you sorted half dollars

  6. vorkev1 says:

    i still find silver in half dollars and war nickles in nickls but i do not find dimes anymore or quarters. pennies are a wast in less you have someone to pay copper value and even pennies will be comeing to a stop soon as with the high value the goverment is starting to melt them down and hord them.

  7. treasurefindermd says:

    @Ryedale do I get some $ for advertising? You also need to come up with some instructions on this?

  8. Michael Marchese says:

    Sort everything. Extract the copper and silver if you can. Halves are tough but pennies still an abundance in circulation. The govt took the gold in the 50’s and and they are slowly taking the silver out of our hands. Still copper melts at 2:1 why not try to grab as much as you can?

  9. Michael Marchese says:

    Gotta ask head teller to order you a box of halves. It will take a day or.so to get in then happy hunting. $500 per box.

  10. treasurefindermd says:

    yeh but all the silver is gone from circulation, because we have done that. 🙁

  11. treasurefindermd says:

    Thanks, sorry for any delay, I’m over at GeoDetecting building, working, etc. please check it out, receive a FREE Geo Detecting Coin/Bullion if you hid a Treasure!!!???

  12. kigen818 says:

    @nookfreak W-W-W (dot) pennysorter (dot) (com)

  13. treasurefindermd says:


    Thanks, it toke some time to get used to, see my site for instructions. Thanks!

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