Silver Coin : 1954B 5 Swiss Francs | Silver Coins

Silver Coin : 1954B 5 Swiss Francs

Silver Coin : 1954B 5 Swiss Francs

I wanted to share with you a coin that was recently found and given to me…

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50 Responses to Silver Coin : 1954B 5 Swiss Francs

  1. demissie101 says:

    Thanks for the cool video good info u should go around to all the coinstars I have like 20 around me

  2. walatalalaw says:

    the person represented on the reverse is a shepherd

  3. ex.cxflyr says:

    the new sony picture is ok, but the audio makes you sound like you have a cold.

  4. cutlerylover says:

    @walatalalaw I underestand what your saying, but the coins books represent the same calculations as mentioned I have the silver content info 1st and had to solve the problem backwards to start off…So the silver content is the same perhaps my calulation of "other" base metals is off…

  5. TheTobyKing says:

    i actually live in switzerland, so i see francs everyday xD i went thru my cash and found 10 rappen pieces from 1950 and 1959… do u know if also rappen pieces contained silver?

  6. ryantheallstar says:

    it takes you forever to get to the point. just sayin.

  7. Aidan Sim says:

    i have a view shilings and florins (old british coins) do you want one they have silver

  8. bmwsierra1 says:

    The "B" on your coin stands for the Bern mint. The flowers on the back are Enzian and Edelweiss. Wild flowers of the Swiss alps

  9. TheBullionBull says:

    The B is for Bern – where the Swiss National Bank and the Swiss Mint are located. It is also the capital of Switzerland.

    Also, 94 cents to the Franc means the Franc is worth less than the dollar. It takes 1.07 Francs to buy 1 US dollar currently, which is the inverse way of expressing the exchange rate.

  10. Rowan69 says:

    @cutlerylover i was wondering, if i went to the bank and got $500 worth of quarters how many of those would contain silver if any :-p

  11. bmwsierra1 says:

    The "B" on your coin stands for the Bern mint.

  12. mowat440 says:

    @pdawg691 if that were for 1960`s and 1970`s back mabe

  13. pat961996 says:

    The guy on the front is an alp-shepherd, but some people also say he´s Wilhelm Tell, aswiss folk hero.

  14. Davey Jones says:

    lol that person who left it was prolly one of those people who roll their eyes
    whenever someone mentions france 😛

  15. Kevin H says:

    interesting coin

  16. RC Chris says:

    @walatalalaw it depends if he means 83.5% by volume or 83.5% by weight.

  17. Big Mike's Hobby Channel says:

    way cool. i wouldnt get rid of it if it were me. looks sweet and i dont have a lot of foreign currency

  18. Vincent Kowalski says:

    I was hoping you would make a video like this eventually. I’m not very much into precious metals but i’ve been a coin collector since i was a little kid.

  19. JMAN21192 says:

    the coinstar machines also accept half dollar and dollar coins.

  20. walatalalaw says:

    sorry, hadn’t noticed at first, but your calculation about the value of the silver in this coin is wrong. these coins are made of silver and copper, and both these elements have a different atomic mass, so you’d actualy have to calculate how much of the 15 gramms of the coin is silver, and how much is copper. Since copper and silver don’t weigh the same, if we imagine copper as being extremely light and silver extremely heavy, 83,5% of silver could represent 99% of the mass of the coin (example)

  21. michoi2 says:

    by the way never sell these to pepole who buy it because its silver because they will destroy the coin

  22. Rocdenindy says:

    good info. also the coinstar machines will also kick out silver dimes. I had one that I tried to put in twice and never realized that it was silver until I watched your videos. Found out that 10 cents was worth $1.34 at the time. thanks again for all your videos and info.

  23. Grave Danger says:

    Its William Tell on the front of the 5 franc coin. (incase you still hadnt found out)

  24. Rylan Joran says:

    It’s a silver "Feuflieber", back in the fifties up to the sixties, if I remember correctly, they cast these coins with way too much silver poured into them, surpassing the contemporary value of 5 CHF back then. The metal, the coin was made of, was actually more valuable than the coin’s nominal value. People who learned about this melted the coins down and sold the silver for its’ actual value, which is why most of them are gone. If you have one, keep it! They have become priced collectables.

  25. anasianguy09 says:

    lol i thought you were doing the math in your head

  26. Patrick Zurschmiede says:

    its a "Füfliber" 😉

  27. antonicoco says:

    I have a 1 Franc coin from 1916

  28. JGillentine1361 says:

    @rzpaintball u.s.

  29. mowat440 says:

    nices coine love the vide got some old coins from other places there cool

  30. RAZ0R1101 says:

    do you have a cold?

  31. Grave Danger says:

    @walatalalaw its actually supposed to be William Tell…he is on the 5 franc swiss coin

  32. TheTobyKing says:

    oh and i also have a 50 rappen piece from 1946

  33. michoi2 says:

    i have a gold canadian nickel from 1985 mint condition

  34. TheZippoCollector says:

    Love your silver videos Jeff, try and make them more often fella, take care

  35. Rowan69 says:

    @WiccaIsGood ahhh that kinda sucks it would have been fun to go through alot of quarters and see what comes out of it :-/, but one day at work like 2 months ago a coworker was trying to get something out of the vending machine and it wouldnt take his dime :-p so i gave him one of mine that wasnt silver. so i got 1 silver dime for $0.10

  36. cutlerylover says:

    @pdawg691 Ohh, I see…you woudl be lucky to find one of them…but some peopel buy cases of half dollars from the banks to go through and look for silver ones…

  37. sunstart says:

    Hey I wanted to know if your selling or giving it away. I would like to have it.

  38. MadBadVoodo says:

    Thumbs Up and some Money Love my Friend!

  39. says:

    Hi cutlerylover! I’m from Switzerland and the Person on this coin is Wilhelm tell a fictious hero from a story from Schiller (a famous german poet) who fought for the Swiss people and freed them from the Habsburger (an austrian folk) and at the end of the story there’s the famous "Rütli-Schwur" (Rütli-Oath) where 3 Cantons (that’s someting like a state) stood together and set the base fpr the Swiss-Country (Sorry for bad english! :-))

  40. veritasfiles says:

    Not a boring video. Thanks for doin’ the research and for sharin’ the coin. Good stuff!

  41. ArtisanTony says:

    I have some old coins like this in a coin collection I started as a child. I am now going to check them out again 🙂

  42. corkey159 says:

    That’s one neat looking coin, you should thank your friendly banker. 😛

  43. Leif242424 says:

    the common name for the coin is a "Funfliber" The person pictured on the obverse of the coin is Wilhelm Tell. cool coin. great quality video.

  44. Tee Jay says:


  45. Dasdfjkl says:

    @pdawg691 Probably non. Quarters are the most widely circulated coin. The best bet would be to get half dollars to search through. But even finding a silver one in hundreds is rare. Silver coins were pulled out of circulation almost 50 years ago. If you live in a small town with an old bank the chances get a little better though, because they might have old rolls of half dollars that were not re-circulated much.

  46. astaschak says:

    well even though its 4 in the morning, i like to learn. and about coinstar, i cashed in some change i had, there was a lady using it before me, i was watching it count her qaurters. she had a big popcorn tin full of them. she got 1300 dollars out of quarters. then she started talking to me and said she had about 100 dollars in pennies and the other smaller change before i showed up. thats alot of change. lol

  47. MrMonkey Man50 says:

    $150 of quarters is easy to spend: LAUNDRY for a few months!!! LOL!

  48. Gear Websites says:

    Not boring at all. Big fan of the variety of topics and items you feature.. I might have also dismissed a coin like that, now I’ll take a few minutes to ‘look it up’ as you did

    Thanks for the video
    (looks like the next one is #900 congrats)

  49. MrAustinpen says:

    Guy on the coin is William Tell, and by the way you get close to 6 bucks for that coin today. The dollar has lost 50% of its value over the Franc over the last 10 years.

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