Huge Silver Coin Spill & 1966 Class Ring – Metal Detecting PA | Silver Coins

Huge Silver Coin Spill & 1966 Class Ring – Metal Detecting PA

Huge Silver Coin Spill & 1966 Class Ring – Metal Detecting PA

Went a few times to one location and found a huge silver coin spill, vintage toy cars and 1966 Pottstown High School Class Ring.

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21 Responses to Huge Silver Coin Spill & 1966 Class Ring – Metal Detecting PA

  1. ICdigger says:

    Finding that old coin spill would definitely put pep in my step!  Was that class ring gold?

  2. cromwell13649 says:

    Great Video so I subbed your channel . I live and metal detect in Austria and find a lot of Roman and medieval silver coins and other old artifacts ,so if you have an interest in History please take a look at my channel and if you like what I find please subscribe back . Best Regards Geoff .

  3. Ingannation Imbricate says:

    Great finds permission hunts are the way to go. Parks in pa usually are detected but if you get lucky you might end up finding something.

  4. WildDigger says:

    Awesome pocket spill and class ring. Congrats.

  5. shawn1744 says:

    Pottstown is only about 30 min from me..

  6. ben melnick says:

    Sweet pocket spill man!

  7. Tarheel Diggin' says:

    Sweet spill, man! HH

  8. Forever Outdoors says:

    What county are you from I’m from Tioga County

  9. Ron Chambers says:

    nice video nicer finds

  10. Rodney Hunyadi says:

    Nice pocket spill. My boy would like those cars.

  11. AmericanCoinHunting says:

    Nice silver coin spill man & Love that big Honkin Gold Class ring . Way to go man .

  12. Forrest Stinnett says:

    Awesome coin spill congrats. GL & HH

  13. Patrick M says:

    Really cool finds!

  14. Diggin with Kap says:

    great finds man

  15. Wicked Effects Car Club says:

    Did you ever find the owner of the ring?? I am from Pottstown and could help if not

  16. Hooked on History says:

    Man a five silver spill is awesome! Great job

  17. PinPointing InPA says:

    Great video and awesome finds.  I would have lost my mind with a silver spill like that.  Amazing.

  18. penguin chick says:

    wow great finds man! gl on the ring return 🙂

  19. DetectingtheBurgh says:

    I hear you Bill. A honey hole indeed. What a great hunt, and yes you show more than I, but you don’t hunt with several guy’s like I used too. I think I’m excommunicated? I have also never found a class ring, big congrats on that. I graduated in 66 myself, so I’m thinking the owner is mid 60’s. I hope your able to locate him. Those toy cars and trucks, loved that discovery. I have only one Tootsie ever found. Get back, your 2nd and third hunt will really tell if your in a honey hole.  lol

  20. StivNagen says:

    Cool digs, Bill! Congrats!

  21. Diggin Freedom says:

    Nice hunt….I enjoyed watching….The old cars are cool….I hope you locate the owner of the ring…Take care

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