Full Silver Stack Hoard Bars & 90% Coins .999 Bullion 25 Pounds=400 Ounces | Silver Coins

Full Silver Stack Hoard Bars & 90% Coins .999 Bullion 25 Pounds=400 Ounces

25 Responses to Full Silver Stack Hoard Bars & 90% Coins .999 Bullion 25 Pounds=400 Ounces

  1. Intrinsic GoldHoarder says:

    What a stack thanks for sharing

  2. josiedog says:

    When you try to move those 40% half’s you will find nobody wants them.The bullion if it’s an eagle or a generic dealers don’t care about the condition just the silver.

  3. TheMxer48 says:

    whats your address?

  4. SoulBaron says:

    Awesome freaking collection dude

  5. SilverSekeer1 says:

    Great looking stack! Subbed and liked! Keep on stacking!

  6. barnml2006 says:

    Awesome stack dude!  That’s how I stack, diversely.  Although I still haven’t bought a 100 ounce bar yet, but I do want one! lol

  7. MrRedneckRock says:

    Nice first stack VT matt21166, thanks for sharing your stack.

  8. WhiteChocolate Hopkins says:

    if i were to sell silver coins like silver eagles would there be extra above spot because it is an eagle. sorry if im not clear, but im really tired.

  9. Benji says:

    What’s the point of getting the larger bullion? It just seems like it’s a hassle to have a denomination larger than an ounce, and that there would be liquidity issues when using them to barter with/sell, or am I wrong?

  10. MN Silver says:

    Awesome silver stack and thank you for sharing!!!

  11. Chris Connell says:

    Bro, you have a very impressive/diverse stack! I have about 175 ounces and have been stacking for about 5 months and am trying to get a hold of all the silver I can. I always buy under 20$ an ounce spot, however, my supply line has been drying up a bit lately. I pretty much only buy in junk, so  once I hit 400 ounces, I’ll probably diversify a little bit more. Nice collection, and keep stacking!!

  12. StackMaster G says:

    Great stack! I missed this video somehow. Where are you at today on oz? By the way, the Morgan is .7735 oz. the regular junk is .715 per dollar of face.

  13. themicmac88 says:

    Very nice Matt. I never seen a 100 oz bar in a wrapper. A tip try not to use your bare hand to hold your silver as the oil on your skin will tarnish your coins. Try to get a airtites for them at least for the 1/2 pound coin. Silver tarnishes very easily being exposed to Oxygen.

  14. Hexkwondo says:

    Awesome stack!

  15. K00L VIDEOS says:

    awesome stack! lovin it! subbed

  16. Carl Rudd says:

    *hehe* you buy all the silly stuff that I avoid at all costs….Disney, sports crap, colorized glitz. Nice video, but you have tacky taste in bullion.

  17. Chris T says:

    Very nice stack matt. Great collection. Can’t wait to see more videos. Liked and subscribed. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Silver4Life 1230 says:

    very nice stack.. I am shocked I  missed it all this time

  19. TeenBritishBullion says:

    Great video!
    Welcome to the community.

  20. vorkev1 says:

    this past sunday I got lucky a coin collector of all people was selling off some stuff cus he needed some cash so he sold be a peace dollar and 2 Washington and 1 sanding liberity quarter all for less then spot not much only $0.50 below but still I would have payed a little over for the dollar. I tested them all and they are real

  21. Coincollector99 says:

    Very nice stack!!!

  22. Michael Higens says:

    Great Job!

  23. John Doe says:

    Really hope you dont keep that in a bank…. If you dont have access to it with nobody in your way you dont own it. 

  24. stillkeepin1 says:

    Really good balance in your stack! Subscribed.

  25. Steady Stacking Silver says:

    Great stuff awesome stack..

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