Silver Coin:1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 90% silver coin | Silver Coins

Silver Coin:1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 90% silver coin

Silver Coin:1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 90% silver coin

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Constitutional silver
Half dollar coin 1964 John F Kennedy 90% silver coin

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24 Responses to Silver Coin:1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 90% silver coin

  1. Supthan246 says:

    i just bought one for 10$ hows that?

  2. firefox666moll says:

    cool sir.

  3. mntofdk66 says:

    So what about all the one on ebay advertised as 90% silver like the ones that come from the sets with the state quarters?

  4. Silver Stack says:

    @riverlaken thank you

  5. mntofdk66 says:

    Are all the Kennedy halfs that have an S mark silver? Or is that also the san fran stamp? If so how do i distinguish a silver one from a san fran? Thank you.

  6. Silver Stack says:

    @Irishsilverstack thank you for actually checking it out, many don’t lol I’m a keep blogging till people wake up and empower them selves, thank again

  7. Richard Stranaghan says:

    This is the cheapest way to get into silver, as close to spot as you can get. I only have 15 of them! Need more lol

  8. Duncin mynuts says:

    i have one. I am so lucky

  9. curemymind says:

    Is that a Philadelphia mint?

  10. Silver Stack says:

    Thanks for sharing the information, I’ve never fort about getting 40% silver half dollar

  11. QBAN2010 says:

    I just bought 19 pf these in a pawn shop in Missouri for 8 dollars each. I think I got a great deal! Thanks for the vid!

  12. riverlaken says:


  13. Sidney Boudro says:

    1965 to 1970 1/2 and dollar coins only have 40% silver in them a lot less then the pre 1965 coins that had 90% silver, worth collection but not like the 90% coins..

  14. Garysilver oz says:

    nice and in response to your comment to me yeah i am pretty sure we outbid each other but am skint for a few days till payday bought a gold dollar and a fake soverign but its 9ct gold and a panda so ontop of my other coin buys which have been lots am skint till payday 🙂 keep up the viideos mate

  15. joe18370 says:

    is that half, a gram of silver or like half an once thanks

  16. Silver Stack says:

    UK all our silver is 20% tax on it

  17. Silver Stack says:

    @curemymind I’ll have to check up on that

  18. Sidney Boudro says:

    I wouldn’t chase them. I got a few just after they went away I doubt if you find any today. But if the edge is silver (not copper) and the date is 65 to 70 it is 40%.

  19. Silver Stack says:

    S mark only means where the coin was minted at
    P mark for example will be referring to Philadelphia mint

    All half dollar minted before 1964 is 90% silver,anything after is 40%silver or nothing

  20. kid love says:

    I got the new JFK dollar coin 2015, from the US MINT the biggest disappointment in terms of purchase. They do not look uncirculated .All the coins in the rolls had some tiny stain Probably minting problems. If anybody had the same issue with those coins let me know.

  21. silveristhenew says:

    keep up the silver vids!

  22. greg williams says:

    very nice 🙂

  23. Irishsilverstack says:

    Hey man, love the blog, especially the piece on investing in yourself, many of the statements i have believed in for years. I think that so many people forget how important that really is, it is without a doubt true wealth.

  24. silverexplosion says:

    those are my favorites!!!

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