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1882 Mexican Silver Coin

1882 Mexican Silver Coin

On one side there is an eagle perched on cactus with a snake in it’s mouth. The other side looks like a rock with sunburst behind it. This is what is printed on it “8R.Z with a small (s) 1882. J.S. 10D. another small (s) 20G and another small (s)

It’s an 8 reales coin. The Z means that it was minted at the mint in Zacatecas, and the JS are the initials of the assayer, who was the one responsible for insuring that the alloy was the proper percentage of silver. The 10Ds 20Gs refers to the fineness of the silver, which I believe is 90.3%.

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14 Responses to 1882 Mexican Silver Coin

  1. jose berrospe says:

    Yo tengo una de esas ,cual es su valor ??? se lo agradecere gracias

  2. Pancho Lopez says:


  3. DetroitLove4U says:

    I once had to tell my dealer that he was unknowingly going to sell me an 1882 8 Reales Mexican piece that was counterfeit. It’s scary how many coins out there are counterfeit that even long time dealers don’t catch on to. I just bought 21 Mexican Un Peso and 8 Reales silver pieces this past week from another dealer. Such esoteric coins to say the least that echo the times of the old west – at least in my book. I also got an 1873 Pi (Mintmark) Un Peso aside from those 21 pieces. Very happy!

  4. Wayne Leake says:

    I have an 1882 Silver 50 centavo, Pi H version.
    Looks in good to maybe very good, some tarnish, but I am not about to polish it.
    My dad had it, I don’t know where he got it, and cannot ask now.

  5. cuevas2005 says:

    I have one coin silver 10 cts. mexico 1891 ZcsZ 902.7, how much.

  6. Dani8owie says:

    @silverpeso How can you tell if they are fake?

  7. LimeTimeDesigns Studio says:

    I have an 1881 estados unidos mexicanos coin – anyone has some information? Can’t find any on the internet. I can send a picture of my actual coin.

  8. SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев says:


  9. Marvin Figueroa says:

    Total. Q tengo 8 monedas. De plata 5 pesos. D un peso de 1947

  10. Marvin Figueroa says:

    Yo. Tengo una. Moneda de esas Libertad 8R.Z.1882.j.s.10 D. 20G. Quiero. Saber. El. Balor. Mi. Amigo. Gracias

  11. laura gomez says:

    it is not a Rock ! iT IS the frigio hat (from the slaves of Frigia) that´s means: liberty

  12. cr ib says:

    all this coins are fake. !sorry!

  13. MezzamindRecords says:

    nice music

  14. jesus barajas says:

    Yo también tengo una moneda de esas kiero saber su valor y kien me la compra

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