Some beautiful Canadian Silver coins from my trade with Mikegpo. Plus, lots of silver I poured. | Silver Coins

Some beautiful Canadian Silver coins from my trade with Mikegpo. Plus, lots of silver I poured.

Some beautiful Canadian Silver coins from my trade with Mikegpo. Plus, lots of silver I poured.

Some beautiful Canadian Silver coins from my trade with Mikegpo. Plus, lots of silver I poured.

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20 Responses to Some beautiful Canadian Silver coins from my trade with Mikegpo. Plus, lots of silver I poured.

  1. silver supplement says:

    Nice looking bars bud. The Canada dollar is great. Thank you for sharing.

  2. MrMonkeySwag96 says:

    Awesome stuff from Mike. That 2006 1/2 oz Wolf is nice, it’s cool it came in the original mint seal. The design on the 2006 1/2 oz Wolf was reused on the 2011 1 oz Wolf. I love the prooflike fields on that Centennial dollar. My favorite pour of yours would be the Native American chief.

  3. mikegpo says:

    Wow great looking pile of silver you are working on my friend !!! Trading with you is like a good shot of rum !!!! Smooth and goes down easy !!!!! LOL 😉

  4. ThePwcj says:

    That was a cool trade. Nice pile of silver also. Thank you and take care.

  5. Nate Seedmo says:

    Hey Dean, I was wondering if you had a video of all the silver designs you make? Enjoy watching your videos!

  6. Argentum Spartus says:

    Very nice coins and fantastic pours! Congrats on your sale! I subbed also!!

  7. Mostly Outdoors says:

    Sweet trade. love me Canadian silver!

  8. B Davis says:

    mike is a great guy. I need to do some trading with him myself. Great looking poured bars my friend! Thanks for sharing

  9. Pit Bullion says:

    Nice Spread my man

  10. lanceoa says:

    fine trade! and what a massive horde or poured ya got! working your tail off I see!

  11. A Friend says:

    Hello my friend ! I was just watching a video and reading all the comments, and I came across yours. At that moment, I realized, I had never seen one of your videos. And to boot, I was not subscribed. Well Both of my failings is now rectified ! Dean , that was a great trade with Mike. Those are some beautiful Dollars. I can see you have your hands full with that big order of your beautiful Silver, Someone is going to be a very happy Camper, LOL Thank you for sharing your craft in a wonderful video. We will be talking to you soon dean. Have a great upcoming weekend :-))

  12. Tasmania silver stacker says:

    that’s a lot of booty to stamp,reminds me of my workshop everthing everywhere but I know were it all is great trade with the mikegpo I am really sorry to hear about your wife I can’t imagine what that would be like but much love brother stay strong

  13. Crown Collector says:

    Excellent high grade coins and even better pours, happy to hear you’ve got a big order in.

  14. The Silver Psyop says:

    i have a feeling those pyramids are heading my way! im sooooooo excited. they will look very nice next to my Giza Pyramids i have coming from Mr. High Five silver!

  15. Silver Beach says:

    Very very cool! Maybe the person who ordered 2 of everything will contract a really big order with you in the future!! I do love your talent my friend! Thanks for sharing the very cool trade!! Cheers!!

  16. losinglouie says:

    Nice trade of a beautiful goosie!  Congrats on your order.  That can be so satisfying to know someone appreciates your fine work.  The Molly Bars look Great too!  Take care, LL

  17. SilverSpoon 22 says:

    Cool coinage from our cousins up north in Canada! That’s some pile of shiny stuff you got there bud. Awesome logo and stamp. Thanks for posting Tomoko

  18. vulcan5678 says:

    Wow ! You are a pouring machine Dean. Nice trade with GPO. When you have time we need to talk about that trade. : )

  19. shiny packAGe says:

    Manitoba Mike is one of the good ones! Gorgeous pieces from him. that goose dollar is a thing of absolute beauty. nice looking pile of shiny sir, loved the video 🙂

  20. Coins for Amateurs says:

    Nice trade and love the pours!

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