ANOTHER COMPLETE GUN, SILVER COINS, MONEY CLIP & FLAT BUTTON! – Metal Detecting April 11th 2015 | Silver Coins




Metal Detectors Currently Used:
Minelab E-Trac w/ Sunray X-1 Probe (AKA, My Baby)
Minelab CTX3030

Diggers Currently Used:
Sampson T-Handle
Kellyco Razor Edge Gator

JVC Everio Model #GZ-HM50BU
JVC Everio Model #GZ-HM50AU

Channel Intro Music Credits:

Tobu – Mesmerize [NCS Release]

Link to Full Track:


Metal detecting 2016 season & urban exploration coming soon!

Happy Hunting!

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49 Responses to ANOTHER COMPLETE GUN, SILVER COINS, MONEY CLIP & FLAT BUTTON! – Metal Detecting April 11th 2015

  1. Kickin Some Metal says:

    John, what do you think is best to dig with? I’m getting my first metal detector next Wednesday

  2. margaret mccall says:

    can i have it

  3. Gen X Murse says:

    That didn’t look like a toy gun.

  4. Reclaiming History says:

    A great find I’m impressed I’m sure my friends are going to like this as well

  5. Brent Wheeler says:

    That toy gun was from a different era when kids didn’t pull them on police. You could probably take it to school and the teacher would just keep it in her drawer until the end of school day and give it back. No red tip on it. Not as much insanity..

  6. Johnny Clemson says:

    Hey! I have that same Tootsie Toy drag car. Neat

  7. Mark Moffatt says:

    record your dig looks funny to me

  8. Nick912OK says:

    Dude I kept hitting pieces of copper pipe and tubing that always hit so solid 11-45/12-45 all day from any angle! # frustrating

  9. kishanabear says:

    I love it…when in doubt, dig it out!  @8:13

  10. sr633 says:

    Good finds.  My best was a girl’s high school class ring.

  11. SirZenon says:

    Wow a Derringer lol

  12. Parkster316 Rio12345 says:

    Ace hunt pal some nice finds loved the gun and car welldone on ur silver hh

  13. mental detecting says:

    very nice finds 🙂

  14. cass276 says:

    If you pop the back off the watch, you will find the hallmarks stamped inside the back,
    I’m pretty sure its silver and by the shape ect, looks to date from 1920s-30s.

  15. Quarter Hoarder says:

    Congrats on the silvers JD. I like the new intro too.

  16. Grayghost WWIIACE says:

    love your finds but… your camera work just made me toss my lunch

  17. modeler308 says:

    You wouldnt believe what that toy cap gun derringer goes for on ebay these days in good condition.

  18. Michael M. Long says:

    found that same anchor button!!

  19. Bruno Costa says:

    very nice..subscrib my channel too

  20. Madison Pollock says:

    the or seems to be Oregon

  21. Dominy Smith says:

    that gun doesnt look like a toy

  22. JD's Variety Channel says:

    Hey everyone! For those who didn’t notice. I don’t run pre-roll or overlay ads on ANY of my videos for your viewing pleasure. Because of this, my sponsors are very special to me. If you are in the market for a new or used metal detector, I currently have a relationship with KellyCo. Mentioning "JDVARIETY" will guarantee you a discount while placing your order. You can see the video description for full details. I have personally made a pledge to buy all my metal detectors from KellyCo, as they have treated me right. And all the feedback I have received from my subscribers who have used my code has been extremely positive. My Minelab E-Trac was the first detector I purchased from them. And that was 5 years ago, before I even started posting on YouTube! If you have any questions about which metal detector and/or gear is right for you to get started or upgrade. You can reach out to me directly via email: Or connect with me on social media. (links in description)
    I have a vast knowledge of metal detectors and have been educating my viewers for years.

  23. Sharpness Sword says:

    A lot of the stirling from Mexico is fake to trick tourist

  24. The Milkmann says:

    nice derringer man!

  25. Isaac Gaddy says:

    look um nuggetnoggin…hes better 🙂

  26. Merp Merpinson says:

    Wait so you’re telling me that I found a wheat penny and I’m only 10? Cool.

  27. Mark Moffatt says:

    I don’t do this for a living, but it was interesting but I think you may lie, just a little

  28. Ben Barnes says:

    Nice hunt JD!  I dug a tootsie dragster last week that looked just like the one you dug. They are pretty cool toys. The money clip looked cool also, its too bad it was so trashed. Nice job! GL & HH!

  29. Yankee Dirt Diver says:

    The button looks like it might say "Orange gilt standard colour"

  30. alex edmonds says:

    i want to find a derringer =[

  31. Arduous Ant says:

    This is an awesome video 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace


    Interesting video, great find! Good luck in the excavation!

  33. JD's Variety Channel says:

    My massive library of YouTube videos is now compiled into the playlist below!
    All new videos are added automatically when they go live:

  34. theallseeingmaster says:

    I have never seen a ‘toy gun’ other than a Mattel that sports a real barrel.

  35. labaut 236 says:

    What metal Detector do you use ???

  36. Mark Moffatt says:

    just put it in with a flat tip and cover it throw on some water and you found something no sit

  37. DetectingtheBurgh says:

    Another great day to be detecting with JD. Nice find’s again. More Silver too, you rule brother. I like the toy car(s) are you saving them for some reason? Love the Derringer, I had one as a kid (robbed a liquor store with it).

  38. hillmillenia says:

    There is some reference to that double gilt button made between 1810 and 1830…go check and search gilt flat button…looks just like yours

  39. Vortex KR says:

    I found one of those cap guns

  40. bluecitybluetube says:

    one thousand times better intro…

  41. Larry Ciarrocchi says:

    From now on when you dig any button with a mark on the back, do NOT wet it.  Use a toothpick and lightly rub it level over the words.  You will be amazed at what you will see.

  42. Uncle Jeff's World says:

    OMG Small world, I was just subscribed to NRCR Diggers and here is Rick and CJ in your video LOL. Checking in from Marietta GA here LOL. Nice couple of hunts:)


  43. Eric Ek says:

    Derringer was not a toy, so far as I’m aware.  The only Derringer I know of that size kills people, if you are a good shot at close range with one or 2 bullets. It looks to me like a real gun. Great find. That’s awesome.

  44. DugMoney Detecting says:

    Nice job man! Congrats on the finds! What program were you running on those properties?

  45. MilesGC1999 says:

    Would you recommend that metal detector to a beginner?

  46. Tyler Shorb says:

    The button says standard orange gilt I just found a flat button yesterday that says standard orange colour all made mid 1800’s. My shank is intact though. 😛

  47. outlawMrTuff says:

    5:23  is the dragster  i have 1 also.. great vid and hunt!!

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