Metal detecting the riverbank: Silver coins & jewelry with the MX Sport! | Silver Coins

Metal detecting the riverbank: Silver coins & jewelry with the MX Sport!

Metal detecting the riverbank: Silver coins & jewelry with the MX Sport!

Digbits #108: We returned to the river and explored the shore next to two colonial corn fields and cellar holes where once was a settlement. Amazing underwater treasures; silver coins, relics, and jewelry! I ♥ history and treasure hunting! Thank you for joining us!
Metal Detectors: White’s MX Sport. Detech 13 Ultimate coils. TRX Bullseye pinpointers. Gopro 5. Iphone 7 Plus.
Diggers: Dominique & Tiger
Song credits:

Facebook: Dominique Ivy da Silva
Instagram: silverslingers
Twitter: The Silverslingers
Happy hunting and stay tuned for giveaways on this channel!

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49 Responses to Metal detecting the riverbank: Silver coins & jewelry with the MX Sport!

  1. Midwest-Th'er says:

    Awesome as always! Great job guys!

  2. Michael Overstreet says:

    I don’t see my comment I love your videos because you all get along together and I like to have my wife check with me she loves old things

  3. barb connell with Dirt Pirates Detecting says:

    great vid
    and finds guys

  4. James Lee says:

    Great finds. Congrats on the 1/2 Reale Tiger. Great job on the Barber as well Dominique. Keep up the great finds. Best of Luck and HH on your next outings.

  5. Stacey Fischer says:

    Another great hunt!!! Beautiful coins 🙂 🙂

  6. sean p says:

    man i need to get out there…lol happy hunting

  7. Lee McGinnis says:

    I like Tiger’s sense of humor. He is a funny guy. Congrats on the silver finds!

  8. metal detecting MidWest Relic Recovery says:

    Awesome digs tiger needs to get them legs tanned up lol

  9. Charlie Brown says:

    Nice Reale! …but my daughter likes the ring the best. : )

  10. Jeff Puritz says:

    L’ Chaim!!!

  11. Jerry Lafferty says:

    great place to spend a hot summer day

  12. Rhino Rinehart says:

    Great finds ! You sure have beautiful digging sights . I grew up around little creeks like that. Great editing, thanks for sharing…..Rhino

  13. Christian Hanke says:

    Endlich komm ich wieder mal dazu rechtzeitig zu schreiben. Da hattet ihr echt schöne Funde. Und auch eine tolle Gegend. eure Videos bleiben einfach die besten

  14. Oldwormwood says:

    Terrific video and finds! Look forward to the next one! Oldwormwood (also in NH)

  15. Ken Campbell says:

    Great video, as always. Who, if I may ask, is the artist and song at the beginning?

  16. amrunner4 says:

    What is a good price for the MX Sport – just the machine with the included headphone deal (as of 6-1-17 through White’s); that is if you deal with a dealer directly and don’t buy online?

  17. jgclark45 says:

    thanks for the smiles Mr. and Mrs. Slinger

  18. Louie Molnar says:

    Great vid. Congrats on the finds and thanks for sharing. HH

  19. Andy G says:

    I was enjoyed the skin Dom and the barely- there bikini but it definitely thru my detecting game off.

  20. Jerry Beavers says:

    I love watching your videos, mostly because of your excitement over every find. LOL Keep em coming. HH

  21. Mark Mcmahon says:

    another great video, well done

  22. Macu Kamazaki says:

    Nice hunting.

  23. Southwestern Pennsylvania Detecting says:


  24. Jerry Dineen says:

    There wouldn’t be a Silverslingers without actual silver, and you two always make sure it’s there. Love the Reale and the Barber.

  25. Digger Ron says:

    Hey Tiger I want to be like you. You have the best of luck.

  26. aldirt fisher says:

    day or too late but good hunt. got a 4×4 now i can get deeper in the woods now.

  27. James Johnson says:

    looks more like cinderella, sleeping beauty was a brunette

  28. Ed N Deb Outdoors says:

    Always enjoy your videos.
    Very nice coins and ring.
    Thanks for shaRing!

  29. Vovan Krasava says:

    Just WOW! Half reale eih!!!!

  30. Charles Wilder says:

    "It’s the tooth fairy!" 🙂 A half reale? Wow! Big button! Then a 1913 Barber! What a hunt! Thanks for sharing!

  31. DrumnDetect says:

    Wow, nice Silvers, woot! The barrette and button were cool old finds too.

  32. FourSeasons MetalDetecting says:

    Great video guys some nice finds. GL &HH

  33. Wayne Grant says:

    just curious what part of the country you are in. you have some great hunts.

  34. Harold Perry says:

    nice hunt guys, I’d wear that place out


    Very nice Video!

  36. Dennis Andrick says:

    You might want to check Tigers pockets before the next adventure. Just saying. LOL Keep the videos coming!!!

  37. coin spader says:

    Nice coins!

  38. ChuckVT says:

    What a great hunt, Dom! You guys really lived up to the name of Silverslingers!!! Silver, a cool dip and topping off the day with a cold iced DD treat. Life is good in the summer!!

  39. Dirk Ayala says:

    Good Stuff. Really lik’in watching the MX Sports being used.
    Definitely on my watch list for whenever upgrade time comes around.
    Thanks for all ur work on,(entertaining us;), and Thank Tiger too!…

  40. Cecilia Alijda says:

    Nice video.

  41. Josie Gregory says:

    I love that you are doing this and even more the fun and enjoyment you get from it. Thanks for sharing your fun times for all to share them with you..and I’m with you on saving history! Keep finding those relics! Much love and luck to you both!♡♡♡

  42. The life and times of Barney Taylor says:

    Smoking hot

  43. Toyota Subaru says:

    Thanks Again for the great video . Together forever . Yes it’s a wonderful time when you share anything with someone . God bless you and your family. Regards

  44. tinner455 .uk metal detecting says:

    great finds

  45. Rob Slob says:

    Had to pause n blow up at 2:40 …Gorgeous inside and out!!! Thank you both!

  46. В Поисках Клада и Сокровищ says:

    HI my friend!Wow great video!! I’m so wanting to go metal detect
    Like right now !!

  47. Digging Canuck says:

    Spanish silver – fantástico !!!!!!!

  48. Joseph Petro says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful videos…..Joe Petro

  49. Alaska, Hammer & Yukon Variety Channel says:

    Awesome hunt

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