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Metal Detecting… Ring 22 & Swedish Silver Coins

36 Responses to Metal Detecting… Ring 22 & Swedish Silver Coins

  1. NH treasurehunter says:

    Yeah, what he said… lol,
    Very nice finds, spendies are always nice to find, makes beer FREE, yippy….

  2. Digging A- Hole says:

    That one u thought was a key, its a lock. Search the web for "detektivlås" i don’t know the english word for it. Good hunt, hope to see more from u soon. Cheers!

  3. Belguy Detecting says:

    Very nice 50 ore! and the dogtag was great! (and old, didn’t know that existed back then..)
    GL+HH Lieven

  4. OzarksDetector says:

    Great hunt, congrats!!!

  5. LostinSweden68 says:

    When in doubt google out

  6. LostinSweden68 says:

    Aha! A lock to lock a lock! I get it now. Tack

  7. LostinSweden68 says:

    Yes probably so as their was no rifleling.

  8. granskare says:

    nice, I like the fact that you update us on what the coin is…now if only you had a good Swedish accent, 🙂

  9. LostinSweden68 says:

    I start with just plain water and if that doesn’t work I add lemon juice for a few minutes.

  10. LostinSweden68 says:

    I have been drinking way to much since I started this hobby. hehe

  11. David Oslo says:

    grats on the 50 øre.Really nice looking coin.

  12. corazza67 says:

    molto bello il fischietto police, peccato per l’ anello la prossima caccia sara’ giallo
    ciao giorgio

  13. Supradrew™ says:

    Beer Money! lol. Always a good thing to find spendable coinage. Have a good one. -Drew

  14. LostinSweden68 says:

    Three out of seven is a great power to weight ratio. Keep at it!

  15. LostinSweden68 says:

    Lol… to much competition these days from others sharing this hobby hehe

  16. trc4872 says:

    Some good finds like that dog tag. The ring for me this year has been slow only three gold and seven ring it has been a slow year for rings.

  17. LostinSweden68 says:

    A very unusual find for me. Thanks for stopping in.

  18. LostinSweden68 says:

    That 50 öre is a rare find for me. Very happy indeed.

  19. LostinSweden68 says:

    Sì, la polizia fischio era una bella e inaspettata e non ho dato il massimo per il giallo. HO ancora due mesi. Grazie

  20. SpinifexLeftHand says:

    Fantastic hunt Lost American.The beautiful autumnal back drop was a bonus.

  21. aRustyPatina says:

    The gold comes when your out in those awesome, snowy places. Nice dog tag. Would be interesting to know what that gun barrel looking item is. W.


    great finds. enjoyed very much. RDD

  23. diggin lancashire says:

    great vid nice silvers you’ve had a good day.i know what you mean about the gold ive had gold ring watches sovereign ring in the 3 year detecting not much this year at all.i suppose thats how it goes.may be next time gl hh

  24. popojojo7 says:

    Wow i like that 50 ore! Nice ring too and other goodies! Great Hunt.

  25. Monkey Business says:

    (Hitting the eggnog early.)

    Didn’t expect the tag (3:30), but the randomness of some of the finds just keep it entertaining, so that works out. Happy hunting!

  26. LostinSweden68 says:

    Thanks for tuning in! I just uploaded a new video with a little competition to make the hunt a more interesting. Thanks for subscribing!

  27. LostinSweden68 says:

    Well in that case I hope you get yours before I get mine.

  28. Sondelrobi says:

    nice videos with many silver 😉
    GL and HH

  29. Freedom says:

    Cool dog tag. Congrats on the silver coins. Nice hunt and video. Good luck on your next.
    :-)) S&C

  30. PhArLJ LJ says:

    Nice finds! Congrats on that 50 öre and this lovely dog tag!

  31. Julius Borg says:

    What are you using when you are cleaning your coins? Is it just water or something else?

  32. LostinSweden68 says:

    When I speak swedish I have an accent alright but it can’t be a very pleasant one. Not for the Swedes anyway…

  33. chris fry says:

    Great hunt! Cool finds and beer money too. Nice video Thanks!
    GL & HH!

  34. David Stackhouse says:

    isn’t it against the law in Sweden to detect in Sweden??

  35. MUDplug says:

    sweet silver save finds .. 7 gold rings last year wow that’s crazy .. I have never found gold..GL HH

  36. NH treasurehunter says:

    Did. Yup it worked…

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