Gold Ring And Big Silver Coins In The River!! | Silver Coins

Gold Ring And Big Silver Coins In The River!!

Gold Ring And Big Silver Coins In The River!! Today in the river I found a gold ring and 2 silver coins, one of which happens to be my favorite coin design. I had never found one before. It was awesome!!
River Metal Detecting!!!!!!!

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49 Responses to Gold Ring And Big Silver Coins In The River!!

  1. Ewan DS says:

    Wow. beautiful spot to be detecting, awesome finds to.

  2. Reclaiming History says:

    Nice looking gold. Congratulations!

  3. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks Tommy, I found a Walker! Now I can say, "yeah, I’ve found a Walking Liberty Half", just like Tommy(diggingtreasure1). Thanks again!

  4. Jimmy Maya says:

    Hey Shane, thanks man it means a lot! There is so much junk in this river that I am digging any target that I can lock onto. I believe this one was pretty much nickel and just above with an occasional high chirp, hope that helps! Thanks again!

  5. juddbh says:

    Awesome video!Β  Again, what kind of detector are you using?

  6. Richard V says:

    awesome finds, good stuff.

  7. Jimmy Maya says:

    Hey thanks! Just rubbing damp baking soda wasn’t cutting it, so I used electrolysis on the two silver coins. Didn’t keep it on for very long though, 10 seconds or so. Then I rubbed them down with dampened baking soda and they look like new. I wouldn’t do this to a coin that was a key date or something like that though. Thanks for your question! Take care!!

  8. LyudmilaRGVK says:

    Nice finds,nice spot. Is your scoop from Detector Electronics Corp?,and did you put the mesh screen in the bottom of your scoop to catch small items like earrings

  9. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thank you Matt!

  10. Digginrings says:

    nice ring and coins!!!

  11. Darren Lyons says:

    That spot you hunt is incredible,cant wait to get my AT pro in the water.Thanks for the great vids.

  12. Jimmy Maya says:

    Yeah, I’ve found a couple of Danish coins out there too, kinda weird. I love it! Take care!

  13. Jimmy Maya says:

    My goodness, third college degree?, that’s incredible! Congratulations! I’m doing fine, working, working, working! I shouldn’t complain but I do. Lol.

  14. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks man, I’m in California. Out in the middle of the San Joaquin valley. Farm land mainly. You get all of the really good old stuff out there where you are, a lot of history where you live. Thank you for your comment!

  15. DigginDoc says:

    Jimmy you killed it today. Love that half buck and nothing like gold in a scoop looking back at ya! Cheers and congrats. Doc

  16. David Marsh says:

    Good Video How Do You Clean Your coins?
    South Australia

  17. Jimmy Maya says:

    Hey, thanks! How have you been?

  18. WildDigger says:

    Great finds. Big silver gold and foreign silver.

  19. ljusta says:

    Fun that you find a Swedish 1 krona from around the 70e

  20. roob47 says:

    So cool jimmy! Congrats on the gold and silver awesome!

  21. Digginrings says:

    Its a really nice one… Tiffany or not. Certainly a prize!!

  22. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks Doc, you got that right! What a great feeling seeing something special in your scoop. It’s a lot of fun! Thanks and all the best to you!

  23. TulsaPllTbFndr says:

    killer day, Jimmy! I also love the walking liberty, the design is one of the best in American coinage. such a big chunk of silver too! ‘grats on the other silver and the 10k as well!

  24. Jimmy Maya says:

    Tell me about it, me too! I’ve been to this spot and have come up with nothing but some clad. Days like this one though keep me coming back! Thanks and take care!

  25. diggin south says:

    Love these bids please keep em coming! What state is this? I’m in Manassas VA:) digging civil war treasure here:)

  26. Makeup with Kokerface says:

    Helvetia is Switzerland. Looks to be one silver Swiss Franc

  27. popojojo7 says:

    Can’t ask for much better of a day, Congratz and awesome Hunt!!! GL&HH – Joe

  28. MichaelSwan66 says:

    love that yellow gold πŸ™‚ beautiful river you have there πŸ™‚ congrats on the sweet gold ring and awesome silver Walker Half & Swiss coin πŸ™‚ enjoyed the video Thanks πŸ™‚

  29. Jimmy Maya says:

    Half the fun of this metal detecting thing is to hopefully find something worthy of making a video just to see what kind of comment you make on it! That comment on VirtualDonna’s video is hilarious! Interesting story line, has me riveted, waiting on the results of the investigation! Take care!

  30. Jimmy Maya says:

    YouTube comment limits are kinda funny, huh? Thanks again, and get ready for school! Coming up pretty soon! Bye.

  31. MrStalkernz says:

    hi again thanks for that, i soak mine in cloudy amonia, get it from a supermarket wont damage the coins at all. and then i use baking soda. but i had some real dirty gothic british florins and i used electrolysis and i think i left them in to long and kinda damaged the coins outer layer gutted me i guess i should have only did it quick like you thanks for the info i will try do it fast and gently πŸ™‚ thanks again keep up the good work

  32. Jimmy Maya says:

    Hey Joe, that’s for sure! I’m still thrilled. Any one of those finds by themselves, would have made my day. Thanks and Good luck to you too!

  33. SpinifexLeftHand says:

    Unreal Sheriff Jimmy, you should use that Swiss franc to open a Swiss bank account! -you are going to need one to deposit all the loot you’re finding and to throw the IRS off your trail. For a laugh check out the comment I left for Paul a.k.a VirtualDonna on his vid’ "No sunset but a silver lining" He thought it was funny, you may also.

  34. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks, the walking liberty cleaned up real nice too, so did that Swiss coin. Now I’ve got to find a Barber coin but places out here just really aren’t that old. Thanks for your comment and good luck to you!

  35. magicwands1 says:

    hi jimmy great video and finds and what a nice location best wishes,,,pat

  36. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks Ryan!

  37. diggingtreasure1 says:

    Nice finding the Walker, franc, and of course the gold ring Jimmy.

  38. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks so much Axel! Nope, couldn’t imagine stuff like that was out there in that river. I’ve been over those same parts of that section of river too, there’s so much trash. Saw you pull walking liberty’s out of the water and that really inspired me. Very few wheaties out of this river and maybe 6 silver dimes, really a shocker. Thanks again!

  39. Shane Lafferty says:

    Another inspiring video. Btw.. What did the gold ring up as on the monitor?

  40. Jimmy Maya says:

    You’re a cool dude, thanks!

  41. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks Roob, had a lucky day that’s for sure!

  42. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks Pat, really appreciate that cool comment! Best of luck to you!

  43. Kevin Golemiec says:

    Hey Jimmy that’s awesome finding anyone of those would have made my day.

  44. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks buddy!, it ain’t no Tiffany, but I’ll take it!! Thanks again!

  45. diggin south says:

    Vids .lol gotta luv auto

  46. Jimmy Maya says:

    Hey Ewan, it sure was nice and peaceful that early in the morning too. Thanks for your comment! Good luck!

  47. MrStalkernz says:

    hi there congrats on the finds can you please tell me how you clean the silver coin ? it turned out amazing

  48. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thank you Michael! I had a real lucky day out there. Thanks for you comment, take care and good luck to you!

  49. Zlatko Mujkanovic says:

    My dream is to have a metal detector but have no money to get it..

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