How To Buy Silver Coins at the Flea Market | Silver Coins

How To Buy Silver Coins at the Flea Market

How To Buy Silver Coins at the Flea Market

There are some great deals to be had buying silver at the flea market. The key, as usual, is that you have the knowledge before going into a deal what is good. I love the site Coinflation. I check it often.

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26 Responses to How To Buy Silver Coins at the Flea Market

  1. vorkev1 says:

    i bought a paintede half 1964 with a gold pendent ring around it and could not get the guy to go lower then $1 above silver cus he clamed he was a coin and scrap dealer well he was not as when i got home i figured for the hell of it i would test the gold pendent well guess what it was 10k solid gold it sold on ebay for $17 thus paying me back meening i got payed to take a silver coin and best of all i still have the coin i could sell.

  2. Scott Martin says:, thanks.

  3. Digadogup says:

    please don’t disregard the collectors value, it destroys history and you yourself could find a bargain.

  4. terminal99 says:

    @UNPOPULARRAPPER Let’s see, I paid $25 for $39 melt price (at the time) in silver. Everyone else would think that is a good deal. You just made a fool of yourself.


    chk out my vids on fake silver coins. Keep up the good info–ty!

  6. terminal99 says:

    @fantasticgoat Thanks!

  7. ThePeanutbudder says:

    I disagree with you Unpopularrapper. First just about anytime you can get that type of silver i.e. coins at 64% melt (which these are also rare coins which have value beyond melt) thats a pretty good deal. Further if your buying it with the intention of holding as a hedge against inflation your also making a purchase beyond the melt/intrinsic value. Finally, typing in capital letters doesn’t make your argument stronger

  8. Jake Hoen says:

    That dark spot on the half dollar is a shame, it is from a acid test someone did to check if it was silver, having that ruins the value of it by almost 40%… such a shame

  9. gnrtop says:

    @terminal99 what i do at flee markets is talk to the guy for a bit, not really expressing much interest in buying anything just yet, kinda make friends first. ask to see whatever interests you, then ask what prices he’s offering. i bought a 1942 walking liberty in XF condition at $12, melt was a little lower that day. and i found a guy who offered me mint sets at $20 each, years fom 1959-64!
    @AgentThis99 also a magnet

  10. strattuner says:

    silver at the prices now is a steal,you know how i know that,because JP morgan is holding the price down so they can quietly buy up enough to fill up an ocean liner,their plan is to never-never go broke,regardless,the color of the ink based on their stash,they are very patient,they live in mansions with servants that love them,usually third fourth generation servants,your problem is that you have to buy enough to cover your losses in case of their default,doesn’t that sound stupid,but very true,

  11. jp dbrood says:

    1 PESO .720 Silver 1920-1927,1932-1935,1938,1940,1943-1945
    1 PESO .500 Silver 1947-1949
    1 PESO .300 Silver 1950
    1 PESO .100 Silver 1957-1967

  12. Matthew Baumann says:

    Do you think it’s still worth it to collect coins when Canada and the USA are headed toward being a cashless soceity like Sweden?

  13. Dirt Detector says:

    $15 for 3 quarters. *facepalm*

  14. joseph simonelli says:

    willing to sell?

  15. Ju An says:

    thats too much work. i say that because you really need to know alot about world coins.

  16. Thatcrazykidbrendan says:

    Your my hero, i tried to pull a couple of deals today but the guys there knew that silver was $42 an ounce ;P

  17. Ivestor1 says:

    @BullToTheShit I don’t think any country makes silver coins anymore. Maybe their old ones but not current coins.

  18. terminal99 says:

    @AgentThis99 A very good point I forgot to mention – Thanks. There are reproductions of coins out there. Will

  19. smart451cab says:

    A couple weeks ago I bought $3.50 face for $70, at a flea market.
    That’s 2.89 Troy ounces for $24.22 per ounce, when spot was in the mid 30s.
    I’ll be back to that market.

  20. terminal99 says:

    @igradems60 Thanks but I sold them a while ago.

  21. Ivestor1 says:

    You did great today! I bought 2 silver rings and 1 silver charm yesterday for $10.

  22. junk silverman says:

    hell yea!! antique stores too – love the truly nice owners who are clueless, junk silver is the best!!

  23. Y F Khan says:

    If they have a bunch of mixed foreign junk coins (usually made worthless due to hyper-inflation) in a box for $0.10 to 0.25c each or $8.00 lb DO look in there. Sometimes there ARE silver in there such as the 1950 Mexican 25c piece that the seller overlooked or don’t recognize. Other times there could be a base metal copper-nickel or brass (aluminum bronze) coin with a high face value in the country of issues such as the Japanese Y500 yen or the Swiss Fr 5.00. (worth $5 or more at exchange).

  24. terminal99 says:

    @BullToTheShit I’m not sure.

  25. Hayden Babee says:

    @BullToTheShit I read that Mexico either uses them or is considering re-monetizing silver.

  26. James Carpenter says:

    Thanks Will Great starting point. IM going to start to look for the coins now when IM out there.

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