Unboxing A Tube Of Silver Coins from JMBullion & A Beer Review! | Silver Coins

Unboxing A Tube Of Silver Coins from JMBullion & A Beer Review!

Unboxing A Tube Of Silver Coins from JMBullion & A Beer Review!

What’s up friends! Today I’m going to be unboxing a package from http://www.JMBullion.com This is the first time I’ve ordered from them and with the price of silver dropping so low I decided it was time to jump on the “Buy Silver At Spot” deal that they offer. The promotion that JM Bullion runs offers 10 Sunshine Mint generic silver rounds plus a tube holder and a bag to store them in.
This is a one time (per household) special offer. If you’re looking to get into stacking, I just saved you the hassle of searching google for the best sale price. If you choose to buy your 10 ounces of pure silver bullion with Bitcoin, Wire Transfer or by mailing them a paper check you can get the special “At Spot” price.
If you choose to pay with either Paypal or a Debit/Credit Card you’ll pay slightly more to offset for fees.
I’m pretty sure this is one of, if not the best deal on silver bullion out there!
If you know of something similar or possibly better, comment below and let me know!

JM Bullion’s “Starter Pack” 10oz Silver Deal – http://www.jmbullion.com/starter-pack/

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14 Responses to Unboxing A Tube Of Silver Coins from JMBullion & A Beer Review!

  1. Frugal Friend says:

    Nice vid dude! I liked and subbed. Check out my channel when you get a chance. Long time stacker, but just started doing YT videos. Nothing beats a stout in the winter time!

  2. The Coin Couch says:

    Love your energy, great video! Beers and rounds… Can’t beat that – Your awesome 🙂 cc.

  3. Walch says:

    I prefer APMEX. Also has the $100 minimum for free shipping though. This starter pack deal from JM is the best you will find.

  4. Silver cat says:

    Man just ordered some using a check. 14 days that sucks. I’m very impatient. Didn’t want to you PayPal or a credit card because it’s about a dollar more for each coin.

  5. McG silver says:

    Picked the best time to buy that pack too.

  6. David Bock says:

    EEEIIIIIGGGGGHHTTTTTTT! Go Dark Horse. I’ve always enjoyed working with JMB. Nice little stack. Every Monday they put out "New Sale" items.

  7. G Reod says:

    waiting for mine to come in – they just received my check. Thanks for uploading this so I know what to expect

  8. Cliche Guevara says:


  9. Silver to burn says:

    #8 Thank you!

  10. caleb colburn says:

    Liking just for the burp at 2:47

  11. Corey Ardoyne says:

    That’s a good deal. Never used this online site before, just purchased precious metals from them on ebay. Now the price has to drop and i’m in. Thanks for the great info.

  12. Silvermana says:

    MunkeySpaz Enjoy your vids. I already got my starter pack. Nice coin & cloth pouch.
    JM has Free shipping on ALL orders, I believe. Providence (& Apmex too?) has the free shipping over $99.
    I can’t find on their site that there is a standard minimum order of $100.

    Shout Out to JM: Placed an order on Dec.15. Mailed check on the 16th. Received late payment notice from JM about 10 days later. After consulting with Michelle from JM; they extended my due date. Check finally arrived Jan. 3rd. (- delivery by Pony Express?)

  13. Derik Card says:

    if u pay through paypal you dont have to wait and they ship the next day. also after a few orders they offer e-checks that go much quicker and have the same discount. i have ordered from jmbullion at least once a month for the last 2 years and have had nothing but great experiences. hands down one of the best bullion sources I’ve come across anywhere. also watch their weekly sales for really good deals on coins rounds bars both in silver and gold. also if your order is over $2000 go to their other site silver.com for even better deals.

  14. Derik Card says:

    yes JMBullion is the best price including shipping on 90% of their offers when u include shipping and taxes.

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