How to Find Free Silver Coins, Tokens and Money | Silver Coins

How to Find Free Silver Coins, Tokens and Money

How to Find Free Silver Coins, Tokens and Money

I found this silver dime today. I always check the coin counting machines at the stores I go into. You’ll be surprised at what you can find. – Link to my terminal99 eBay store! – Link to my terminal99 eBay store! – Link to my terminal99 eBay store!

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50 Responses to How to Find Free Silver Coins, Tokens and Money

  1. mapleblackdrums says:

    I do the penny thing and am separating the copper out for myself and a few weeks ago I was with my boys and looked in the reject slot first thing and there was a quarter and I told the boys before I grabbed it that I bet it was silver and it was, a 1964. They couldn’t believe it.

  2. terminal99 says:

    @greatwf Thanks! Will

  3. terminal99 says:

    @vickyoftexas Thanks! Will

  4. terminal99 says:

    @ArizonaPublic I want to be the guy that empties these machines out. I bet there’s good stuff that’s fell inside them. Will

  5. terminal99 says:

    @mes2380 Thanks! Will

  6. terminal99 says:

    @capecodcuda Good going! Will

  7. ronjomojo says:

    why do you feel like you need to give away a well kept secret?

  8. terminal99 says:

    @greenwooddesign Do you have self serve coin counters there? Will

  9. rashad5010 says:

    Learning from a master

  10. terminal99 says:

    @SupaFlyFatGuy859 Silver took a good drop since I filmed this. Will

  11. Ruppert Jenkins says:

    Wow, it must be a blast to want to buy a Coke and have to stand behind you in line for 40 minutes while you try this stunt.

  12. MaddenMobile415 says:

    wait do coinstars always eject silver?

  13. terminal99 says:

    @Silv3rCollector Good going! Glad I could help. Will

  14. terminal99 says:

    @oldtimefreedom Good Going! Will

  15. RWvidz says:

    Nice!! I will be keepin my eyes on the coinstars!

    picked up some groceries yesterday, scored a ’64 Washington Quarter in my change from the cashier!

  16. Mage Lee says:

    I found a silver dime and 2 WW2 silver nickels in and on our local coinstar machine in the last year and half

  17. coinhunter94 says:

    i found an 1838 threepence this way, in georgia.

  18. Matthew Almeida says:

    really you can just sit there all day doing that and the machine will always give you a different one?

  19. terminal99 says:

    @SupaFlyFatGuy859 No problem. I know from your other posts that you are a good guy :-). Will

  20. David Frankel says:

    I found a 1964 dime yesterday in a coinstar. Great tip!

  21. billionville says:

    good info now i will stalk the machines

  22. Y F Khan says:

    Hard to find those in circulation or lying around. I always keep my eyes peeled for silver in change when I buy things. I did find a 1964 quarter twice in change though.

  23. Hanging With JB says:

    I just found a 1953 silver dime in the coinstar!! YAY!

  24. terminal99 says:

    @papermoney54 Very true. It’s just like the flea market – you never know what you will find! Will

  25. MrVegiita says:

    1954 coin and it’s in great condition! A really nice clean silver dime 🙂

  26. ivanst100 says:

    lol nice silver quarter

  27. dipswell says:

    ha, my wife works in a bank and they throw all that stuff in the trash barrel beside their machine. I always tell her to bring it all home but she’s afraid they’ll think she’s stealing. Last time I was there I found 1 silver, 20+ wheat pennies and two handfulls of tokens and forign coins. Then she yelled at me for going into the trash at her work in front of her boss…lol I think he might give her a raise if he knows we are picking the trash

  28. terminal99 says:

    @RWvidz Good going! it’s rare to find a silver coin in the wild. Will

  29. Poodle Shooter says:

    Will there be potato salad?

  30. Wicked survivalist says:

    my wife works at a grocery store and one day a guy put through his change into the coinstar and 3 coins wouldn’t go through so he brought them to her and asked if she would give him the 2 dollars for it. they were a 90 percent kennedy half, a reg clad half, and a 40 percent ike dollar… its amazing what people leave or just trade away for face value

  31. Justin A says:

    Thanks so much for letting us know about the coinstar machines! I was just at my supermarket and I decided to take a look in the coinstar return and there was a 1950 silver roosevelt! Thanks for the tip. I’ll definately keep my eye out more often.

  32. Carl Parish says:

    I still have my very first 1968 Kennedy 50 cent coin. It is pure silver. The way you can tell is by dropping it on a hard concrete floor. If it make a clear loud ringing sound, it’s silver.

  33. mes2380 says:

    your a wise and knowledgeable guy will thanks for your insight and wisdom.

  34. terminal99 says:

    @sethlewis07 Good Going!

  35. terminal99 says:

    @mes2380 Thank You – glad I can help. Will

  36. mjtf1113 says:

    Why would a coinstar counter reject a silver coin?

  37. terminal99 says:

    Anything other than current US coin metal composition makes the machine think it’s a foreign or counterfeit piece.

  38. Josh Carmack says:

    Yeah, the coin return and coil collection bin are separate in all machines. It’s too complicated to sort them all back out into the different denominations so the counter can count them back out as coin returns.

  39. terminal99 says:

    @donthebodyguard As Redneck picker says – keep your head on a swivel! Will

  40. klaus blarg says:

    I found a 1963 silver quarter doing this.

  41. Luisinhozambao.jr says:


  42. terminal99 says:

    good going!

  43. amber lopez says:

    I will check at the super market. And I have a account with TD America Bank.
    I will check their coin machine too.
    Short video. But to the point. Thanks!

  44. CrackAttackBlack says:

    sounds like something a crackhead would do

  45. Rodney Stapler says:

    If that’s a silver quarter, you have a rare coin?

  46. BetterSafeThanSorry7 says:

    i always try try to check the coinstars whenever i go to the supermarket.

  47. Steelgreyeyes says:

    So far I have not found any US silver ….. but did find a 1936 British Shilling, about size of our quarter …. and a lapel pin with a dirty looking cresent moon that reminded me of New Orleans. Took the pin home and cleaned it up …. designer item from New Orleans, made as a Katrina fundraiser by local artist ….. sterling silver! Retails for $90!

  48. Matthew Baumann says:

    Do you think it’s still worth collecting silver coins when the USA and Canada are becoming cashless societies like Sweden?

  49. mjtf1113 says:

    Interesting. Thank you. I will certainly act on this

  50. Tom The English Picker says:

    Yer we have coin star. I always check, because you sometime get euro’s left in the reject tray

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