💲Free Silver & Coins From Pocket Change 💲 | Silver Coins

💲Free Silver & Coins From Pocket Change 💲

💲Free Silver & Coins From Pocket Change 💲

Got A Great Reminder from CAR MAC 1 🤗 To Always
Check My 💲 Change 😎Thank You😊 Check His Channel
Have Another Video To Upload Today With A🎈 Nice🎁 Surprise
Keep Pushing Your💫 Dream💫 Everyday you Can✨

Sounds Courtesy of www.Zapsplat.com
Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCH1eyWq9B0

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21 Responses to 💲Free Silver & Coins From Pocket Change 💲

  1. Carl Smash says:

    Congrats on the 200 subs and quiting smoking! I quit December 31 1996, saves money and you will feel better.

  2. Ronnie Young says:

    wow the rings your husband has on are a lot.. cool

  3. Dannos Dive says:

    1964 And earlier US halves quarters and dimes 90% silver, 1965 to 70 US halves 40% silver. WWII US nickels have a large S D or P on the back. Look up NGC Canadian melt value and it will break your silver Canadian coins for you. Good job guys! Stack on that silver!

  4. Martin Carroll says:

    check coinflation.com they tell you whats silver and what its worth

  5. scrappingpossum72 says:

    Hiyo Silver

  6. jackpot digger says:

    btw youre husband has realy nice rings ….for a machanic guy i mean his hands seem clean

  7. jackpot digger says:

    yewww still has the adds on happy to be able to watch it for youre dream

  8. Ronnie Young says:

    cool video lady bro and hubby

  9. Timothy Miller says:

    American coins 1964 and older are silver

  10. Dannos Dive says:

    Your fishy dime is 50% silver!

  11. Ronnie Young says:

    I almost skipped one of your adds and i said no!!

  12. CAR MAC 1 says:

    lol cool Thanks. the dime is my birthdate lol

  13. Scrap Hawk says:

    I see your monitized yewwww

  14. SCRAP Kingdom!!!! says:

    Gold dollar just a dollar
    Kennedy half dollar
    Semi collectable not for the metal though
    1964 us and Canada and older only have high silver content

  15. recycle dude says:

    never know what you can find in your change.

  16. jackpot digger says:

    is it legal to sell coin has silver …you cant melt it soo just wondering

  17. jackpot digger says:

    congrat for 200sub

  18. Javier Garcia says:

    Congregations on your three days on not smoking. It’s better for your health. Your son needs both his parents.cancer is not good. my mom died of it

  19. SCRAP Kingdom!!!! says:


  20. CAR MAC 1 says:

    I would look into the gold one .

  21. Randy Stone says:

    Congrats on the quitting smoking claim!! The $ that was spent on smokes can go towards The Dream! I’m really enjoying your vids…just wish they were longer 🙂 Peace from Michigan!!!

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