Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars……..Silver found | Silver Coins

Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars……..Silver found

15 Responses to Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars……..Silver found

  1. Rhino CCF Hunting says:

    great video … jayden wanted me to ask what coins you keep beside the silver

  2. AshtonCoinHunts says:

    Nice hunt!!! HH

  3. D Coin Hunter says:

    Sweet hunt pam congrats

  4. stackattack says:

    Nice finds. Congrats on the silver!

  5. casper coins and currency says:

    Nice finds

  6. Bill J says:

    SILVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!              Always double check, especially the halves. Have a great evening

  7. thevendordude says:

    Great hunt Pam! 3 silvers is definitely above average. Hopefully, you were able to secure a few more boxes before the storm hits.

  8. Cointelligenc e says:

    SILVER!!! always double check

  9. Pothole Pete Floyd says:

    Nice hunt!

  10. Z SQUARED says:

    Glad you found some silver! Nice finds. Thanks.

  11. Coinfinder says:

    Nice Hunt and nice silver. Thanks

  12. Tom Hicks says:

    Almost got away..AMOST haha ..enjoyed the hunt

  13. Bill 457 says:

    I like kennedy half’s starting the collection of the century

  14. DebbyAbqNM says:

    Can’t play, apparently HTML5???

  15. Midwest Coin Hunter says:

    Back into the Silver!

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