Custom Coin Minting and Dies – Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Pewter, etc… | Silver Coins

Custom Coin Minting and Dies – Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Pewter, etc…

Custom Coin Minting and Dies – Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Pewter, etc…
This video explains how QSB designs and creates minting dies for custom minting coins, bars, and medallions. In this video we will show you the process of having a custom coin made and explain the endless possibilities and reasons for creating your own custom silver rounds or personalized medallion. Check out our website or give us a call for more information on personalized minting, and thank you for letting us be your favorite mint.

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40 Responses to Custom Coin Minting and Dies – Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Pewter, etc…

  1. Clean Craft says:

    I have some of those Rothbards! My favorite coin

  2. brooklynyte4ever says:

    hi jim.i would like to make a replica of that coin but in silver 1oz or maybe copper.of course i would like to add little twist of my own design to it.thanks for the great regards

  3. Quality Silver Bullion says:

    What design would you think to incuse? Any design can be incused depending on the artwork and how it is placed in the die.

  4. A Single Biscuit says:

    Cool. Screw Apmex!

  5. jake faulkner says:


  6. dekonfrost7 says:

    if i wanted a set of dies where would i go? do you make them?

  7. Rmndeep G says:

    i also make that 2.5d dies n coins too

  8. Julian Bravo says:

    Hi I watched your video and I loved it !!! is there any way that I could put the picture of my Wedding in some let’s say 10 silver coins ? ( the one ounce size )  and if so, how much would that cost ? thanks very much

  9. Quality Silver Bullion says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. Let us know if you have any other designs in mind. We can’t guarantee that we will use them, but we are always up for suggestions.

  10. N C says:

    Like The Mcdonald’s Die 0:40

  11. TommyLogan99 says:


  12. Quality Silver Bullion says:

    I just sent you a personal message through YT. Let me know if you need further info.

  13. fryair4free says:

    Hi Jim,
    how to contact, to get advise and make an order?

  14. LegionTrooper says:

    Nothing in mind. i prefer something new not recycled designs. But the Indian $5 gold piece was always a nice design. I’ve seen silver 1 oz rounds fetch more money because of the incuse design.

  15. LegionTrooper says:

    Have you ever though about an incuse design. they are really neat looking.

  16. Quality Silver Bullion says:

    We do produce them in custom runs for another company. I will direct message you the link to their website.

  17. Millionaire Gold Dealer says:

    send me your phone number pls

  18. HorizonHunter says:

    Whats the minimum for minting? Ive been wanting my own coin design for a while now

  19. Courtney & Nelanne says:

    how do i polish a pewter mini helmet?anybody has any idea?

  20. brooklynyte4ever says:

    hi jim.great work again.i am a collector of ottoman coins and have a silver ottoman dollar from egypt called a 20 qirsh.can your company make replicas of this coin and other ottoman coin designs?i would really look forward to doing bizz with your company soon.hope to here from you.thanks

  21. Trinity8030 says:

    lol the bloopers

  22. Quality Silver Bullion says:

    I googled that coin and we certainly have the ability to replicate that design on a medallion. Is that something you would like to create your own dies for?
    Thanks for watching, and let me know if I can be of further service to you.

  23. Brandon Beck says:

    Hollo everyone

  24. TheInvisibleOne says:

    How about just selling me blanks without the premimum die cut that ends up costing me more??.

  25. Quality Silver Bullion says:

    Did you want a set of dies for us to stamp coins, or did you want dies for another purpose? We can most certainly help with getting you the dies you need.

  26. Quality Silver Bullion says:

    Watch our video of the minting process: /watch?v=SFSehzdlAhA
    You will see that the hardest part of the minting process is getting the silver into the "blank" form. I agree with you that for silver bullion investing the design is merely preference, but in actuality the pressing of the design adds VERY LITTLE to the total cost.
    Then again, we do sell a lot of blanks to other mints around the country.

  27. Quality Silver Bullion says:

    Sounds exciting, and when you are ready to move forward just let us know. Take Care!

  28. ustfu says:

    Thumb up if you want to buy some Ron Paul rounds.

  29. Sonu Verma says:

    Do you make die on personal design.if your answer yes then give me your contact information

  30. jake faulkner says:


  31. G.S. Kim says:

    This video is three years old. Are these services still available?

  32. EllieRocks says:

    Thanks for the explanation. Do you guys do colored silver coins as well? Saw some from Australian mint and the RCM in a couple of videos. Is it possible for you guys to make a video on how that stuff is made?

  33. skyimports says:


    what process do you use to make the coin die?


  34. Gavin Engel says:

    Are you still producing Murray Rothbard rounds?

  35. Patrick Botros says:

    Murray Rothbard lol. I know someone who’d absolutely love that coin.

  36. stewdart says:

    Hi I made some ancient hand engraved coin dies have a look at my blog The making of gold cassius coin die
    under ancienttombrings

  37. A Single Biscuit says:

    Ron Paul at 1:50

  38. GlacierCodfish says:

    Hey, I would like to put my own design on a silver coin! But I’ve got some questions for you; Can I send you the finished design in the form of a CAD-program file? Can you make them 38mm diameter? Can you ship to europe? How do you calculate your price?

  39. dekonfrost7 says:

    i have some gold i have saved and wanted to make coins about the size of nickels for saving and coining..i saved the gold myself and purified it myself and made a coin last week out of a round piece of shot the way the romans did and i was just wondering what it would cost for a professional set of dies? frankly a few hundred coins that size isn’t much and i don’t think i could afford to pay someone else for the labor but for the dies i could likely swing it.

  40. brooklynyte4ever says:

    will do jim.a pleasure writing to you.all the best to you.

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