[2.11] Haunted Warehouse (3 coins) – Nico99 | Silver Coins

[2.11] Haunted Warehouse (3 coins) – Nico99

[2.11] Haunted Warehouse (3 coins) – Nico99

Another really cool design level by Nico99, and this time he added even more nice pixel art. This colorful pixel art really adds another dimension to his levels. I hope he continues making levels with stuff like this. The design and decoration is really clean as usual by him. Synchronization is really well-done, to a song that fits the pixel art perfectly. The level is quite enjoyable to play. I see he added arrows in some parts, but I hope he starts adding even more arrows in the future 8)

👉 Overall coin rating: Silver. 2/4. All of the coins are harder than the normal route, but the last one was a bit harder and the concept was a bit cooler. All the coins are somewhat hidden, but there are clear clues how to get them.
– 1st coin: Silver. You need to get the small spark at 0:01, which is actually a key. Using glow like this for a key was used in Meltdown first, but it’s still a good way to make keys a bit harder to notice. This unlocks another route, where you become robot and can reach the coin at 0:08. The first timing to get the spark isn’t easy, and it’s not too easy to notice. It’s a decent coin.
– 2nd coin: Silver. You need to get the key at 0:34, which is really hard to get. You need to go down and up insanely fast. (I used spacebar and mouse at the same time, I know, I’m bad.) This unlocks another route in the next part which takes you the coin. The timing to get the key is very hard, which is why it gets Silver and not Bronze. To get a higher rating it needs to be a bit more creative, harder and/or more hidden.
– 3rd coin: Gold. For a level around this difficulty this coin is quite hard. During the ship at 0:51, you need to avoid all the keys in the middle. The keys actually make the normal route easier, so it might seem like taking keys is the way to go and that there’s no coin route here. Well, if you manage to skip them all and straight-fly through the tight spaces afterwards, you get a coin at the end. Skipping stuff has been done for coins before, but not very often and it’s very hard for this level’s difficulty. It’s also a bit cooler since the keys actually make the normal route easier. (They’re not just there to be skipped.)

👉 Level info
ID: 40922021
In-game music: Hexennacht by Phyrnna

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👉 Thumbnail by Wugi

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50 Responses to [2.11] Haunted Warehouse (3 coins) – Nico99

  1. Filqh says:

    i saw some terraria stuffs

  2. DaMeister GD says:

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the Exxo Avalon mod since that’s where the Hell key and key mold came from. Btw. That pixel art is AMAZING! Looks really accurate!

  3. Richard Edwin Abréu Perez says:

    Me recuerda a Terraria xd

  4. Disaster500 GD says:

    I had that idea for the 3rd coin and never used it, oh well

  5. Chaostim says:

    Like if you now Terraria 🙂

  6. v a k i e says:

    this is even not halloween but cool level o-o

  7. Eicafe - says:

    Thise terraria arts were pretty neat

  8. AndrewRibbit says:

    This level is amazing!!

    My favorite pokemon is spiritomb and I fucking love terraria.

    Whenever someone adds a ghost Pokémon to their level, it’s usually Gengar ;—;

  9. Cytical [GD] says:


  10. Piotr Fit says:


  11. juan david el kra says:

    GG viprin like lol

  12. Diamondgirl01 GD says:

    This time I ninjed you virpin 8)

  13. The cat Weon says:

    This guy played terraria i think…

  14. Geometry Dash Fuzion says:

    Why are you copying skitten now? 8)

  15. Geometry Dash Pavyzone says:

    nice witch

  16. Parata567 says:

    Idk how anyone can find the past two day’s levels good. Yesterday had absolutely no detail and bad block design in it, and the only thing that makes this good is the art, which eventually just gets spammy and overused.

  17. Julian Droid Gaming says:


  18. DANTE says:

    Terraria sword ‘_’

  19. Drake Onyx says:


  20. Cazma says:

    Who else loves da terraria weapon art?

  21. Shout says:

    If you actually look at the level, it’s pretty bad the only thing that stops it from being featured are the coins and art.

  22. Daniel Cordero says:

    Great boobs on that pixel art of the witch,Nico *Approved*

  23. Buttstallion says:

    Who else saw Terraria art? 😀

  24. [Gun] MickyPixel says:

    Is it just me who saw some terraria pixel art

  25. Данил Онуфриев says:


  26. CringeCentral says:

    Good level!

  27. - H3xxel- says:

    Like because Spiritomb at 0:11

  28. Epicchomper says:

    Terraria Sprites confirmed, yes I did play terraria

  29. GD Nuzzlock says:

    The Orange sword and the blue axe are from tararia

  30. CatScorpion says:

    OH WOW… that’s a cool art… damn it

  31. vincent rafael says:

    whats with the terraria stuffs

  32. [ qakyqak_TV ] says:


  33. GG 6apaHka says:

    Музыка топ

  34. Jo2000 says:

    What a nice level with nice artworks, but I would love the artworks to be somewhat interactive!

  35. AloeLead GD says:

    0:15 Horseman’s Blade from Terraria!
    I feel like most of ppl from Geometry Dash know that game, that’s amazing.

  36. CyrliX says:


  37. Aaydin Henry says:

    Damn thrown in some Terraria weapons in the mix I see

  38. Schmenster Outrageous says:

    Some of the objects were from terraria and the other ones looked like they could be, awesome.

  39. pie314271 - y' says:

    better than shrill hallway

  40. Данил Данил says:

    Almost terraria

  41. GD Wizmickle says:

    Yo the bat is the sickest pixel art I’ve ever seen

  42. Jerome Pamaville says:

    This reminds me Castlevania for some reason

  43. AloeLead GD says:

    0:21 Spectre Hammaxe from Terraria

  44. Dema Geometry Dash says:

    Secret way in spike gauntlet

  45. Everscream says:


  46. Lazuli Productions says:

    She thicc

  47. Jorsair GD says:

    Look at that Viprin even clickbaits.

  48. Quique Toques says:

    There should be more animations like this in gd the bat looks sick

  49. Gd Geilite says:

    In 0:14 comes terraria weapons AWSOOOOOME!!!

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