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The Definitive Britannia 2015 United Kingdom £2 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin – Mintage: 2,000 and not 1,000 as Previously Stated on The Royal Mint Website

The Definitive Britannia 2015 United Kingdom £2 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin is a beautiful coin to state the least, but The Royal Mint has now added an ugliness to it by messing about with the coin’s maximum mintage figure: http://newcoinreleases.com/the-definitive-britannia-2015-united-kingdom-2-silver-proof-piedfort-coin-mintage-2000-and-not-1000-as-previously-stated-on-the-royal-mint-website/

2015 China Silver Pandas – Where to Find the Best Deals

Are you in the market for a China Silver Panda or two, specifically 2015 China Silver Pandas? Are you looking for the best deals on 2015 China Silver Pandas? Be sure to get more information here.

2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant Coin

This is how APMEX and MCM stack up in terms of deals relating to the 2015 Somalia 1 oz. Silver Elephant Coin. Be sure to get more information here.

Lowest Cost Bullion Dealers?

Which US bullion dealers offer the best value for money when it comes to buying bullion? Be sure to find out here.

90% Silver Deals: How do APMEX and MCM stack up?

90% Silver Deals: How do APMEX and MCM stack up? Find out here.

ModernCoinMart Deserves Its Title of eBay Top Rated Seller And Its Place in The Top 5 Bullion Dealers

There is a lot of talk about the “big five” precious metal and bullion dealers, with MCM, SilverTowne, APMEX, Gainesville Coins and Provident often seen at the top of the pile. These are the companies that are considered to be at the top of their game when it comes to selling coins online but it seems that MCM is running away from the pack a little with the experience they can give to customers. This guide aims to show customers, who are still unsure about the best place to buy gold, why ModernCoinMart (MCM) is not only seen as an eBay top rated seller, but one of the more respectable companies. It will do so by considering some very important areas: the products and services on offer, their respectability and accreditation with companies such as the BBB and their ratings from online feedback. Be sure to continue to read at NewCoinReleases.com

Bullion Dealer Reviews: Do Your Part

Bullion dealer reviews can play an important role, not only when it comes to giving recognition to the top bullion dealers in the industry, but also when it comes to getting bang for your buck.

Bang for your buck…

Bang for your buck should of course extend beyond the price you pay. Many times I hear folks say that dealer x offers the best prices, but when you bring the rest into the equation, namely the cost of shipping, years in business, ownership disclosure, staff experience, customer service ratings, consumer protection, payment methods, online order availability, product selection and other factors, it becomes clear that dealer x is not really offering value for money (or can even be remotely deemed as a great dealer). In short, when you bring bullion dealer reviews into the equation, it becomes clear that the lowest price paid is no guarantee of getting bang for your buck.

Be sure to get more information here.

Northwest Territorial Mint Review

Northwest Territorial Mint has just been reviewed by a customer (kcaven):

This has got to be the WORST experience I have ever had trying to give my money to someone to buy a piece of silver. They gladly took my money-gave me a date almost a month out THEN sent me an email that it would be ANOTHER month or I could sell my order back at a $40 loss. Im sure they are doing this on a daily basis-take your money KNOWING they cant fill the order then try a bait and switch on you.

I wouldnt touch these clowns with a 10 foot pole EVER AGAIN


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