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Bigger and Better: New MCM Website Goes Live!

ModernCoinMart (MCM) has revamped their website to offer a bigger, better customer experience. Be sure to read more about it here.

Wolfe Creek Crater Coin – Second Coin “Crater Meteorites” Series

The mintage of the 2015 Wolfe Creek Crater coin is limited to 666 coins, which makes it extremely limited and should add to the coin’s overall appeal and value. Be sure to read more here.

2015 Homestead ATBs and More Exclusive Offers at ModernCoinMart (MCM)

2015 Homestead ATBs

For the first time NGC has graded First Day of Issue labeled 5oz. Silver ATB coins. Right now this special release is only being offered by ModernCoinMart! They expect that future First Day of Issue ATBs will be graded in higher quantities than this inaugural release.

The First Day of Issue ATBs will come in a smaller, easier to store holder. For comparison, the dimensions of this holder are approximately 6.5″ x 5″ instead of the normal ATB holder size of approximately 7.5″x6″. Future First Day of Issue holders will be the same, smaller size. Clicking on the link below you will also find other select Early Releases and First Releases NGC Prooflike graded Homestead ATBs.

Buy 2015 Homestead ATBs – NGC “First Day of Issue”!

2015 Creatures of Myth and Legend

Lore of thousands of years speak of powerful creatures that ruled the heavens, two of which were animals related to the modern-day goat or sheep. In celebration of the Chinese lunar Year of the Goat, Tokelau has issued two coin designs in multiple finishes representing these beautiful mythical creatures which now reside in the celestial sphere above us at night. Add these beautiful Capricorn and Aries coins to your collection now!

Buy 2015 Creatures of Myth and Legend Now!

Narrow Reed Gold Eagle Varieties

Buy Narrow Reed Gold Eagle Varieties Now”!

Be sure to read more about the 2015 Gold Eagle Narrow Reed Variety here.

Challenges in the Modern Coin Market

John Maben, CEO of Modern Coin Mart offers some insight into exactly what is involved in how to service collectors in the emerging marketplace of modern mint product.

How many Superman fans are out there?

How many Superman fans are out there? I cannot help to place this question on the table, especially considering that I was among those who have chosen to embrace the world of Superman, by buying one of the Superman silver coins that were recently released by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). Was it a smart move? I suppose it depends in part on how many Superman fans are out there.

Now of course one can get very technically and rephrase the question into something along the lines of: “How many Superman fans are out there that collect silver coins?” In fact, perhaps I’ve got the cat completely by its tail here. I am after all not claiming to be an expert, but is just a guy that seeks reaffirmation, in terms of the opinion I hold when it comes to Superman: Firstly, that Superman must have quite a number of fans, and secondly, that officially minted and issued limited edition Superman coins must have a lot of collector’s value going for it. Anyhow, this is my attempt to get a rough idea of whether the Superman coins issued by the RCM will continue to come through for us, especially considering that the coins are already fetching premiums north of the issue prices at market places such as eBay. I mean, who don’t like to see his investment in collector’s coins grow into something noteworthy, despite the visual appeal the coins might have or not have? In fact, I haven’t received my Superman coin yet, so I cannot really make a true judgement in terms of visual appeal (although I like what I’ve seen in pictures and videos posted across the internet).

Ok, so let’s consider the question(s) posted, or to be more specific, the answer(s). A quick search reveals that while one cannot claim a specific number of Superman fans, this much seems to be true: “His fans outnumber his haters by a considerable margin. He’s supporting four ongoings currently, just had hit movie with a sequel coming, Superman is doing better than ever” (Skyfire at In fact, as one guy stated: “Dude asking about Superman still having fans is like asking if water is wet” (Black_Claw at I’ve also come to the realization that more than one celebrity is a Superman fan, including the likes of Nicolas Cage, Cam Newton, Sammy Davis (Jr), Dwight Howard, Shaquille O’Neal, Jon Bon Jovi, Howard Stern, Kevin Smith and Jerry Seinfeld.

So given the above, it might be best to rephrase my question to something along these lines: “Will the Superman coins released by the RCM double in collector’s value within a year from now?” I suppose we will have to wait and see.

Morgue Anne Silver Round – Zombucks: Currency of the Apocalypse

Gold – Gold has a varied history- It used for more than making gold jewelry

Gold – Gold has a varied history- It utilized for far more than creating gold jewelry

Gold is a precious metal. Historically, it has been employed for stores of value (bars) for jewelry, electronics, dentistry, and as actual money (coinage). It is a yellow element discovered in nuggets that can truly be ruby or black when divided.

It is the most malleable metal known. When other elements are it types alloys. This will enhance the hardness and can generate exotic colors. Adding copper provides a redder color, iron a lot more blue, platinum white, aluminum creates purple.

Gold conducts heat and electrical energy well. Heat, moisture and corrosives have very little chemical impact gold. This makes it nicely-suited for make coins and jewelry. Considering that gold itself is soft, it is given the alloys to make it stronger and change its color.

When making use of gold for jewelry, it is measured in karats. Pure gold is 24K. It is usually sold as 22K, 18K and 14K. This indicates silver or copper have been added for strength and colour.

Frequently we discover the use of gold in jewelry generating. Designers generate stunning gold jewelry which often are enhanced with diamonds and gemstones. Gold and diamond jewelry tends to make wonderful presents. In our society they are also used for wedding rings and in gift giving.

There are many other utilizes of gold such as:

1.Embroidery Thread
two.In computers, jet aircraft
three.Dental crowns and bridges
four.White gold can substitute for platinum

Gold has had a high worth because prehistoric instances and was utilised as a symbol of value, purity and royalty. The price tag of gold has rise more than the years indicating how it is valued in society.

Three Simple Coin Tricks

Three Simple Coin Tricks

Here are 3 simple coin tricks to add to your collection of magic. They don’t take long to learn, they don’t want several specific props and with a bit of practice they can amuse and delight folks wherever you go.

Coin Trick 1: Funds Creating Magic

Your hands are empty and there are 3 coins on the table. You sweep the coins off the edge of the table and into your hand. When you open your hand, there are five coins instead of 3.

The Secret: Just before you start, stick two coins to the underside of the table at the edge where you program to do the trick. When you sweep the coins off the table with your correct hand, detach the other two coins with your left hand. When you open your left hand, the three coins will have magically elevated to 5.

Coin Trick 2: The Teleporting Coin

A coin mysteriously travels from 1 hand to the other. Start with your palms face up on the table and a coin in the palm of each and every hand. Flip both hands over and when you eliminate one hand there’s nothing at all beneath it. When you eliminate your other hand, each coins are safely hidden below it.

The Secret: Place one coin in the palm of your left hand and yet another coin at the base of your fingers towards the correct hand side of your right hand. Due to the positioning of the coins, when you flip your hands over the left coin will finish up beneath your left hand, although the right coin will be pushed towards your left hand.

The trick should function automatically. If you flip your hands employing adequate speed, your audience won’t be able to see what happens.

Practice flipping your hands until you can get the trick appropriate each time. The hand that fires the coin across ought to flip slightly ahead of your other hand. It is also crucial to make sure that the coins never collide and make a noise, which will reveal the secret of this trick.

Coin Trick 3: Mind Reading Funds

When you leave the room or turn your back, somebody from the audience hides a coin below a cup that’s placed in the center of the table. When you return to the area, you can guess the kind of coin that has been hidden.

The Secret: As soon as a member of the audience has placed a coin in the middle of the table, your secret assistant places the cup over the coin. They use the deal with of the cup to secretly inform you the value of the coin below it.

All you have to do is agree on a secret code. Every distinct deal with position relates to a various worth of coin. Just make certain that each of you are completely clear on the secret code that you’re utilizing and can bear in mind it with no obtaining to feel about it.

The other advantage of this trick is that you can carry out it anyplace in the planet regardless of the currency.

Image by Robert Couse-Baker
Defender coined by the Secretary of the Air Force!

Stamp Coin Collecting: The Valuable Twins

Stamp Coin Collecting: The Valuable Twins

Humans are known to engage into different kinds of diversion to unleash the boredom that life occasionally offers. There are men and women who use coin, stamp, or sticker collecting to accomplish this whilst other people are happy with other hobbies such as cooking, gardening, crafts, and so forth. All of these give a specific type of satisfaction that they cannot obtain in other activities.

Two of the most common hobbies in the world these days are the stamp and coin collection. The value of these two leisure activities is incomparable to other kinds of hobbies.


It is because coin and stamp collecting do not just embody the mere act of accumulating distinct types of coins and stamps but also personify the preservation of a nation’s history. Each stamp and coin collecting highlight the distinct photos that are used to visually record a considerable event or era in history.

The two have turn into indistinguishable as far as worth and appeal is concerned. For men and women who wish to gather coins, stamps, or each, right here are some of suggestions that you need to have to know in order to start.

1. Do some analysis

It is not adequate that you are interested in stamp and coin collecting in order to begin the activity, it is also important to do your homework first so that you will have sufficient expertise about this activity.

2. Be wary when purchasing products

If you can’t acquire stamps and coins for free, and the only way to begin your collection is to get the items, be really meticulous about it. Know the seller’s reputation. Analysis his history and figure out the length of time he has been in the company. The point being that the longer he has been in the business, the a lot more reputable his reputation possibly is.

three. Know how to identify the appropriate item

Do not just buy stamps or coins without having learning how to classify and identify them. For coins, it is ideal that you know how to grade them. For stamps, you should know how to identify any slight disparities in the sort of paper employed or other distinguishable characteristics such as watermarks, colour, or perforations.

These are just some of the several pointers that each and every stamp and coin collector must know. With these ideas, you can now start your stamp and coin collection with no difficulty and with self-confidence.

State Quarter Collecting
coin collecting
Image by CJ Sorg

Understand American Money

Understand American Funds

Dear ESL Student,

The American income technique is logical and very effortless to use. It is primarily based on the dollar (.00), on which all money and coins are dependent. There are 100 cents in a dollar. Coins are parts of a single dollar, for example: a quarter (.25) is 1/4 of a dollar, a dime (.ten) is 1/10th of a dollar, and so forth. Paper bills are multiples of a dollar: for example, a bill. US Paper Currency The twenty, ten, five, and one are the most frequently utilised bills.

When speaking about money, is referred to as “a one”, “a dollar”, “a dollarbill”, or “a buck” is “a five”, “5 dollars”, “a five dollar bill”, or “5 bucks” and so forth. Another way to refer to income is to contact it “money.” A single popular slang term for income is “cheddar.” The 5, ten, twenty, fifty and hundred dollar bills have recently been changed in order to supply far more security functions. Both the new and old versions are presently used. The 1 dollar bill is not becoming changed as it is not regarded as probably to be counterfeited. Also in use but not as often observed are the , and bills. The two dollar bill is uncommon – folks typically gather, rather than commit, them. and bills are not broadly employed and many places may possibly not accept them for modest purchases. You almost certainly will not ever see any bigger-worth denominations such as ,000, , ,000, and ,000. Individuals not familiar with these bills must possibly not accept them, since counterfeit, or fake, currency does happen, specially in the higher and a lot more unfamiliar denominations. Shop employees may not like the use of quite massive bills to pay for very modest things. For instance, try not to use a to spend for a 25¢ pack of candy! It would be greater to spend with a smaller denomination or some coins. If you do not have anything smaller, it is polite to let the retailer worker know. US Coins The most widely used coins are the quarter, dime, nickel, and penny.

Each and every variety of coin has a certain size and style, typically with the image of a president or other popular American particular person on the front. Quarters have been made with different photos on their back sides, in honor of the 200th anniversary of the USA, and honoring every state. Coins that are seldom used include the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, and the Kennedy half-dollar, also identified as the 50-cent piece. Canadian coins are seen in the northern United States and are also obtainable in dimes, quarters, nickels, and pennies. However, not all shops and restaurants accept them typically, the closer you are to Canada, the a lot more accepted they are. Canadian coins may possibly be accepted as equal in value to US coins, but the exchange price generally locations a greater worth on the US versions, so be careful not to accept as well numerous.

Practical use The quarter is 1 of the most beneficial coins. If you are a student, be positive to save these! They can be employed in almost any coin-operated machine: clothing washers & dryers, arcade games, pay phones, and vending machines dispensing meals, drinks, stamps, tickets, newspapers, etc. Quarters and nickels can usually be used in pay phones and vending machines. A lot of vending machines will take tiny bills, such as ones, fives, and tens, but the alter you get back will all be in coins. Often there will be a dollar changer close to coin-operated machines which dispenses quarters in exchange for modest bills. One particular word of caution: vending machines do not take dollar coins, half-dollars, pennies, or Canadian coins. Credit or charge cards are being utilised more and more, even for getting small issues. Numerous Americans don’t like to carry significantly cash, and the cards are simple and secure to use. They are accepted nearly everywhere, but not at all quick meals restaurants! Traveler’s checks are a great thought for visitors also. You won’t have to carry massive amounts of money in your pocket or purse, and the checks can be replaced if they get lost or stolen.

Significantly Continued ESL Success,

The creator of ESL Cost-free Lesson

Coin sous les arbres
Image by zigazou76
Coin sous les arbres au parc Grammont à Rouen