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Hand-Carved Hobo Nickels: A story that began in 1913

One-of-a-Kind Hand-Carved Hobo Nickels

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In 1913, the U.S. Mint introduced a new 5¢ coin that featured the profile of an American Indian on the obverse and a buffalo on the reverse. Appropriately referred to as the ”Buffalo Nickel” this release soon became an iconic piece of numismatic history as it grew to be one of the most-collected U.S. coins.

Oftentimes the starter coin for collectors, Buffalo Nickels represent a tremendous amount of history. Additionally, during the Great Depression, Buffalo Nickels became the medium for an unlikely numismatic phenomenon – a creation referred to as the “Hobo Nickel.”

Random Date 1913-1938 Hobo Nickel – Skull

During what was considered by many to be one of the most difficult periods in modern American history, the Great Depression resulted in thousands of Americans losing their jobs and being forced to leave their homes in search of work. Often enduring heavy labor by day and hiding in the shadows of train cars by night, many people became homeless while seeking stable income. Perhaps while searching for a silver lining, people would often pass time by engraving Buffalo Nickels into pieces of art.

Through the years, thousands of buffalo nickels were slowly evolving into Hobo Nickels which due to their unique designs, made them more valuable than a regular nickel. These reworked coins were oftentimes traded for meals or accepted as payment for a safe place to stay. Today, Hobo Nickels represent years of hardship, perseverance, and history as they were created by the hands of people in search of a better tomorrow.

Because they were not created at a Mint, no two Hobo Nickels are the same, thus creating a tremendous collecting opportunity. To-date, some Hobo Nickels have sold for upwards of $5,000!

To commemorate these American relics, MCM has worked to bring hand-carved Hobo Nickels to the public. With each coin uniquely carved into an image of a skull, collectors can be sure they are adding a unique creation with impressive detail to their collection.

If securing a piece of hand-carved history interests you, we urge you to place your order now, as only 50 coins are available!

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