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2018 Wedge-Tailed Eagles soar with new design!


2018 Pictured Rocks ATB coins: order now!

Shop the Legacy: 2017 Gold and Silver Panda Coins

2017 China Silver and Gold Pandas

Available certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation!

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to announce the arrival of 2017 China Silver and Gold Pandas! As the latest coins in a legacy that started back in 1982, these China Pandas represent one of the longest running, most successful modern bullion coin series in the world. With annually changing designs, .999 fine silver and gold, and legal tender status in esteemed China Yuan, a coin series doesn’t get much better than this.

2017 China 500 Yuan 30g Gold Panda NGC MS70 ER (Excl Great Wall Label)

The design of 2017 boasts a panda seated in the foreground, with a forest of bamboo in the background. It holds a leafy bamboo stalk, munching on the leaves — a panda’s favorite meal!

You can add these world-class bullion coins with their stunning new design to your collection right now! MCM currently carries a broad selection of these 2017 Silver and Gold Pandas, in nearly every size. Whether you are looking for raw coins, sealed from the moment they were struck at the China Mint, or certified coins, graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as MS69 and 70, they have just what you need.

2017 China 10 Yuan 30g Silver Panda NGC MS70 ER Panda Label Black Core

Their NGC graded coins come with special options such as the exclusive Great Wall and Panda labels that are only available at ModernCoinMart. They were also able to secure grading with the unique black core holders, allowing you to set apart this year’s issue with style!

Don’t wait a moment longer — check out their selection of 2017 China Pandas right now, and secure your coins while designations like ”Early Releases” are still available!

Shop 2017 Gold & Silver Panda Coins NOW!

MCM on eBay: Shop the lowest spot prices at MCM!

MCM on eBay Daily Deals

Get the lowest prices over spot available!

As your source for numismatics and bullion on eBay, MCM on eBay is proud to offer a variety of Daily Deals. These items have extra low prices for a limited time. Order in bulk to receive extra discounts!

2016 25c 5 oz Silver ATB America the Beautiful Roosevelt


This coin is available with volume pricing as low as $2.30 over spot. Order your Roosevelt ATB 5 oz. Silver Coins before the deal ends on 9/27 at 11 AM Eastern Time.

2016 Silver Britannia Coins


Available in a lot of 10, this is a great way to add government-backed coins to your silver stacks. Each coin features Britannia, the female personification of Great Britain. With volume pricing, you can get a lot of 10 coins as low as $1.79 over spot per oz.! Secure the coins you need before the deal ends this Monday.

Random 10 Troy oz. Silver Bar


Many different Mints around the world produced silver bullion bars to achieve a low, competitive price, but still have an appealing design. Take advantage of our volume discounts and get your silver bars as low as 65¢ over spot per oz.!

Don’t hesitate – These items won’t last long. MCM on eBay’s stock is limited and this special pricing ends 9/26-9/27 at 11 AM (ET). The more you order, the more you save!

Save on MCM on eBay’s Daily Deals NOW!

Gold Skyrockets in Response to Market Developments


Bank of Japan Announces Financial Policy Shift to Combat Inflation

Precious metal prices surge in response

BREAKING: Bank of Japan (BOJ) announces financial policy shift reducing rapid Japanese Government Bond acquisitions and plans to focus on utilizing short-term rates to manage markets.

Executive Vice President of Precious Metals at Dillon Gage, Walter Pehowich1, believes that the BOJ, ”In essence, will be deepening the bond yield curve by going from longer term bonds to buying short term JGBs. They will also cut the deposit rate deeper into negative territory from 10-20 basis points.”

Managing Partner of Echobay Partners and KITCO contributor, Vincent Lanci2, comments, “The Yen’s rally after digesting the news is a reflection of the skepticism on the new plan. We think that can be remedied by a rate cut if needed, or perhaps the US Fed hikes today, which would solve the problem for them. But in the meantime, an increase in the velocity of money is inflationary. And Gold Gets it Right.”

Supporting Lanci’s point, longtime investor and KITCO contributor, Doug Casey3, argues that, “Gold stocks will provide great opportunities for investors in the current environment.”

Today, what people are calling ”Fed Decision Day,” the Federal Reserve announced that they will not be changing current interest rates. However, according to Kitco News,4 “the central bank left the door open for a possible rate hike by year end.”

In an ever-changing financial atmosphere, ModernCoinMart is ready and able to assist you in your precious metal acquisitions. As a result of the current market, they have assembled their top selling gold and silver inventory for your convenience.

As your certified, trusted dealer with over 10 years in business with an A+ BBB rating, ModernCoinMart offers unparalleled confidentiality and reliability with every transaction.

Act now to secure precious acquisitions from ModernCoinMart as spot prices continue to surge!

Shop Metals NOW!

*MCM is a supplier of precious metals. They cannot offer any advice when it comes to investing or your portfolio. The above information is from a variety of resources outside of MCM. Their only goal is to supply you with the means to invest in precious metals.

1: Walter Pehowich 2: Vincent Lanci 3: Doug Casey 4: Kitco News

Journey into the Outback with 2016 High Relief Koalas!

2016 High Relief Proof Koala Coins

2016 High Relief Proof Koala Coins Have Arrived

Silver coins available certified by NGC with our exclusive Australia label!

The Perth Mint in Australia is known for their breathtaking designs of the Outback’s most famous inhabitants. The 2016 High Relief Proof Silver Koala coins, immensely popular among numismatists for its subject and design, has just been released from the Perth Mint. It is the fourth and final release in the annual Perth Mint High Relief Silver animal series comprised of the fearsome Wedge Tailed Eagle, the boisterous Kookaburra, the bouncy Kangaroo, and finally, the delightful Koala.

2016-P Australia $1 1 oz. High Relief Proof Silver Koala NGC PF70 UC Early Releases (Exclusive Australia Label)

2016-P Australia $1 1 oz. High Relief Proof Silver Koala NGC PF70 UC Early Releases (Exclusive Australia Label)

These 1 oz. .999 fine silver coins are available from ModernCoinMart and have been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and encapsulated in our exclusive Australia label.

Koalas are marsupials that are indigenous to Australia. While sometimes called “Koala Bears,” these cuddly animals are not really bears, at all. Koalas can spend up to 20 hours a day resting, and typically eat up to 2.5 pounds of eucalyptus and other plants during the remaining hours…What a life!

You’ll have to move much faster than a Koala to secure one of these coins. Don’t hesitate, or you might just miss your chance. Order today and enjoy free domestic shipping!

Order High Relief Proof Koala Coins NOW!

MCM Weekend Flash Sale: Get up to 60% off!

MCM Weekend Flash Sale

Weekend Flash Sale: Up to 60% Off

Order now to secure your discounts!

MCM is having a flash sale! From now until Sunday, July 31st, at 11:59 PM (ET), you can order some of your favorite numismatic products for up to 60% off their already low prices! This sale includes a wide variety of products from the U.S. Mint and other Mints around the world, including back-dated Gold Buffalo coins, Star Trek Latinum Slips, America the Beautiful releases, Batman V Superman, and many more! Don’t hesitate to take advantage of ModernCoinMart’s sale and fast, free domestic shipping.

Don’t wait, supplies are limited and time is running out; once supplies run out and the weekend is over, these rock-bottom prices will disappear!

Shop the MCM Flash Sale NOW!

2016-P Perth Mint 1 oz. Gilt Silver Star Trek Gold-Pressed Latinum Slip

2016-P Perth Mint 1 oz. Gilt Silver Star Trek Gold-Pressed Latinum Slip

2015 Canada $20 1 oz. Proof Silver Prehistoric Animals - American Scimitar Sabre-Tooth Cat

2015 Canada $20 1 oz. Proof Silver Prehistoric Animals – American Scimitar Sabre-Tooth Cat

2015 $50 1 oz. Gold Buffalo

2015 $50 1 oz. Gold Buffalo

2016 China 3 Yuan 8g Silver New Year Celebration Good Fortune - Fú Character

2016 China 3 Yuan 8g Silver New Year Celebration Good Fortune – Fú Character

2007-W Proof American Silver Eagle

2007-W Proof American Silver Eagle

2014 Canada $5  Proof Gold Prehistoric Animals - The Woolly Mammoth

2014 Canada $5  Proof Gold Prehistoric Animals – The Woolly Mammoth

2016 Canada $20 Specimen Silver Star Trek - Enterprise

2016 Canada $20 Specimen Silver Star Trek – Enterprise

2012 Fiji $2 1 oz. Colorized Proof Silver Muhammad Ali

2012 Fiji $2 1 oz. Colorized Proof Silver Muhammad Ali

And Much More!

ModernCoinMart: Shop Popular, Top-Trending Items Now

mcm trending now items

MCM Brings You The Most Popular Products

See what other collectors and stackers are buying now!

As a category that is constantly updating, the ModernCoinMart (MCM) Trending Now section will bring the most popular products that their customers are buying right now. The inventory on this page is based on the sales of the past 24 hours. The precious metals market is driven by demand, so keep this resource in mind when selecting new items to add to your collection or stack.

This list includes a wide variety of choices, such as certified gold and silver coins, bullion, and more! Don’t hesitate — the coins in this category are the most popular on the MCM site and are sure to go fast!

Shop trending items NOW!

Superman bullion coins issued by RCM in-stock now!

Superman Silver Bullion Coins

Superman Silver Bullion Coins In-Stock Now!

The RCM’s latest bullion coin features the Man of Steel

Faster than a speeding bullet, the Royal Canadian Mint’s (RCM) latest bullion coin is now available for purchase! Known for their high quality bullion silver coins that are geared as much towards collectors as stackers, the RCM astounds again with this brilliant new Superman-themed release!

Superman’s emblem, an “S” emblazoned shield, is struck onto the reverse, with radial security lines giving the coin a powerful effect. This 1 Troy oz. coin is struck from very high quality .9999 fine silver — the RCM standard.

ModernCoinMart (MCM) currently have ungraded coins in-stock and ready to ship, as well as NGC certified coins with the First Day of Issue designation available for pre-sale!

Single ungraded coins with be shipped in protective mylar flips and rolls of 25 will ship in the original Mint-sealed tubes. For the true fan, Superman-themed monster boxes of 500 coins are available for purchase!

Take a look at this stunning coin in all its options, and determine just how much of a fan you are of the Man of Steel!

Secure Your Superman Coins NOW!