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Coins That Never Were, New Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars!

Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars

“The coins that never were.”

Authorized by the Carson City Mint, these coins
are the “CC” dates that never existed!

In 1884, a dark cloud hovered over the Carson City Mint after the November presidential election. Grover Cleveland, a strong anti-silver man, had won the presidential post. Cleveland felt that there was no need for a Mint in that area as the San Francisco Mint could easily handle the coinage needs for the region.

On September 11, 1885, the Mint closed. Its bullion was shipped to Philadelphia. By November 10, 1885, only the superintendent and one watchman remained, and 80 people were out of work. For the first time since 1870, the Carson City Mint produced no coins in 1886. No Morgan silver dollars ended up being struck in Carson City in 1887 and 1888 as well.

In an agreement with the Carson City Mint, we have had these special .999 fine silver commemoratives struck to bring life to the “coins that never were.” These commemoratives were struck at the Carson City Mint using the same press that minted the original Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars! Now, you can order these commemorative coins graded by NGC in a set of three or individually. All coins have been certified for authenticity as GEM Deep Prooflike. Each NGC holder is pedigreed with a special label stating that each coin is struck with the approval of the Carson City Mint. Very few coins are deemed worthy enough for a special pedigree by NGC and this label is exclusive to us — it cannot be found anywhere else. For the history buffs or numismatic collectors, these coins will be a special addition to any collection.

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